There was some confusion in the last few weeks about the street date going away. Turns out it was just faulty reporting on behalf of Rebelscum, and the only place where the street date was lifted was in the UK. Everywhere else will still be getting the stuff on January 30, aside, of course, from early leaks (as many people have found the TVC wave, and the Class I vehicles are making their way out now as well).

This note from Hasbro was sent to a few sites:
Hello and Happy New Year!

We wanted to take a moment and quickly clarify a discrepancy in the retail launch date of Hasbro's first 2012 items that began popping up online over the holidays. January 30, 2012, is the date for Hasbro's STAR WARS product to go on shelf in all countries except the U.K., which is setting now. If you've posted any other date, or have received questions from your readers, please note that 1/30 is the set date. Thanks!

Also, please keep an eye out in the weeks ahead for an announcement of Hasbro's New York Toy Fair news and activities!


on behalf of Hasbro, Inc.