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    ACtually, the new "Unleashed" line seems to be exactly on par with the sculpting of McF. The "Unleashed" line looks incredible, but they are statues. I still want that Maul and Anakin though, they'll look good on my desk.

    I wouldn't want McF to do a full line like Hasbro, just a few main characters.
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    exactly what I was thinkin Wolfwood, mcfarlane should do a few figs like darth vader, stormie, darth maul, boba fett, jango fett and count dooku - they would be awesome looking and still have a few articulation points (the minimum on mcfarlane-figs is usualy about 5)

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    Actually, the new McFarlane figs have some decent articulation. I picked up the Wings of Redemption Spawn and Raven Spawn, and both have the standard head, shoulders, and hips. Then W.O.R. Spawn's wings move as well.

    I guess McF was tired of the slack he'd been getting for lack of articulation, so he added a lot to the new lines. None of them are in any action pose, and all have standard articulation.

    But I don't think we need McF doing star wars if the Unleased line does well. Its basically the same thing I'd want McF doing with the license. A lot of detail in a cool action pose. I don't need articulation with these.
    "Watch this, I'm going to horrify you into a coma..."

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    I kinda agree with Wolfwood.....

    McFarlane is a good toy maker (Although his stuff is fragile, and I don't like him as a person)

    and I wouldn't want him as the MASTER toy'd still be cool to see his take on a few major characters.....

    a McFarlane Maul would totally rock....

    the problem I have with McF, is that they just now got back into ample articulation......most of his toys 1997-present are just cool sculpts with some unnecessary articulation.....just look at his Akira and Vash figures......

    six points of leg articulation, but none at the hips and what that leads us to, is just being able to twist the 'tube-sections' of his legs around.......there's gotta be ACTION in them joints for me to call it an action figure.....

    luckily, on his second line of Anime figures (And most of his recent releases) he's finally listening to the fans...

    I don't have anything against his toy company.....who would've thought we'd see an Alice Cooper, or Kiss toy line????

    McF toys rules.....even if McF himself does not.....

    so, yes, McFarlane's StarWars would long as he wasn't given full rights.....

    and he already said he'd love to do it!
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    not much articulation you say? look at the samurai wars spawn - he's got about 20 joints!!! you can pose him however you want


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