Last night on Clone Wars the slavers fought the ARCs and Gunships with their own fighter craft.

If those tail wings swiveled flat, and I have to remember how they were when the ships took off, they were Skipray Blastboats - the craft that Luke flew when he first met Mara Jade on Myrkyr in HTTE!

They could make this ship and get a vehicle done for HTTE as well!

If it included a pack-in figure:

1st issue - the slaver pilot

2nd issue - Mara Jade (the old one as that was the outfit she wore, Luke is available, and Hasbro will save $$)

Toy ship features:

1) swivel wings
2) cockpit holds up to 2 figures and R2-D2 (inside, not a droid socket) if possible
3) 2 launching missiles
4) manual landing gear
5) box with window for pack-in figure to be seen

I'd sell this as a store exclusive, then a year later, make it a different (or the same) store exclusive with a different figure.

Packaging changes: Clone Wars ; Vintage Expanded Universe