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    Question Will we see Yaddle in action... ?

    Asking to know if she too will also don her lightsaber .... ???

    Hace there been any rumours out there... ???

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    Well considering all the rumors flying around the net. But one thing I've heard many times is that the Jedi Council gets hit really hard at the end of the movie and the only ones to live (to Episode III) are Plo Koon, Mace Windu, Ki-Adi-Mundi and Yoda. So I think it's safe to say that all the other Council Members from TPM will get killed in action...

    So to answer your question Darth Ovori, yeah Yaddle will be in Arena Battle but PROBABLY won't live to see the end...
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    Of course, that's my opinion I could be wrong.

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    I think Yaddle will see some action....down in the file room with that old biddy what's on the "Ask the Jedi Council" I think by the time AOTC rolls around, Yaddle has rotated off the council, so shes safe until Vader shows up and ruins her day in Episode III.

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    So that's how Yoda fights! He get's on Yaddle's shoulders.
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    yeah, Yaddles a scholar not a warrior. Don't pay any attention to the EU comic book story about her being some superfly warrior. She's just a bookish nerdy frog thing that lurks down in the bowels of the temple with Jocasta Nunu in the library She's only in the movie for a cough and a spit and that's just a walk through type role. So i can't see her in the arena. She'd just see the battle droids and burst into tears.

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    I'm glad that some Jedi will not be warriors in the film, I will be quite pleased to see her as a scoller in AOTC.
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    Hmmm, but that's not to say that Georgie won't use her in the battle scenes somehow. but i really think that would be a mistake. better to leave her home with Jocasta nu keeping the temple tidy......

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    Yaddle and Jocasta Nu are gonna be the ones who have the duel with Anakin in EIII that result in him being so injured he has to wear a that rubber suit and mask. They will then begin to argue over which one of them hurt him the most and subsequently Yaddle will impale Nu on her double bladed lightsabre only to be killed herself but Depa Bilba, who, tired of being a wallflower in the Jedi temple, decides to get of her rump and avenge the death of the woman who taught her how to shave her legs. Depa then marries up with Palpatine, who has now become the Emperor, because Palpy said he'd roast her with the rest of the Jedi if she wouldn't. (at the request of Vader after she got rid of Yaddle) The two go on to have a lovechild who is stolen away by the Wookies, giving Palpy an intense hatred for that race resulting in Chewbacca being the only Wookie left in the Galaxy. The name of the baby was Han Solo.............
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    The only thing worse than Yoda fighting is TWO Yodas fighting

    If the Yoda action sequence looks cheesy, seeing both of them gettin' violent will be doubly frightening.

    But if the Yoda fighting scenes DO work, then I believe they should leave it at that, adding another element of uniqueness to the lil' guy


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