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    Exclamation If Jedis cannot love, the why doe's Luke marry Mara Jade... ?

    I know that EU has nothing to do with the movies... But hell would'nt that make Luke break the Jedi Code like his father... ???

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    The Jedi Code of the Old Republic did not exist in the Luke's time or anytime past. So he was free to reinvent the Order as he saw fit. Sort of like a change in government style - you use the past as a guide, but you don't have to follow it.
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    I never understood the whole Jedi are not allowed to love whole thing. It seems quite silly to me. It seems as if GL (or whoever came up with the concept) was trying to steal the whole "not falling in love or not being allowed to marry," concept from religion, which makes sense in a way since the Jedi/Sith have been refered to as a "phony religion" in ANH. I just find this concept a little stupid. It is almost like they are trying to make the Jedi even more of a "holy" order and lends to how unoriginal Lucas is by stealing some of the concepts of religion and including them within the Jedi order. Of course I could be worng about the origin of the whole "Jedi not allowed to love or marry," thing if indeed this is a EU concept and not a GL concept, but however, on the EP II Adavnce Teaser poster A it says "A Jedi shall not know hate, or fear, or LOVE." Then this must have been a GL concept. Does anyone know seeing as my EU knowledge is not that great?
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    I hope they go into it more than just the line from the trailer, I really hope Obi-Wan gives Anakin a good talking to about women and what Jedi's are and aren't allowed to do. Luke didn't really have any knowledge of the original Jedi Order when he formed the New Jedi Order.
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    Love is an emotion, Jedi must not have emotion. WHich is why they are not allowed to love, now Luke on the other hand, he wasn't actually a fully trained Padawan, he went from getting the basics from Obi-Wan to some extra training by Yoda and then training himself, and it even almost drew him to the darkside (I know that's EU, but might as well tie it in. ) so basically it can be assumed that he, even though does go the Jedi Order, isn't like the Jedi of old time but was able to balance his emotion to where he was able fall in love.
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    Yup. With Luke being the only remaining living jedi, he could do pretty much whatever he wanted to the jedi code of conduct, and he did.

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    And if the Jedi are not supposed to love, why does Yoda in ROTJ say "Pass on what you have learned."
    He also told Luke that the Force was very strong in his family.
    Well how can Luke pass that on if he does not have children?
    And how would Leia pass on her knowledge (Yoda knew about her too) if she did not have children?
    It is a compicated subject, but honestly I do not see why Jedi cannot love or marry.
    If there is no reproduction, how will more Jedi come to being?
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    Good point there JangoFett96...

    But Jedi's are born by miracle of having the force rather than a family gene...

    However this is not yet proven...

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    Luke is just the man, he does what he wants.
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    The whole "no love" rule in AOTC contradicts Rogue Planet, where one of the female Jedi, whose name I forget, mentions being married many times. But then, GL can do anything he wants, EU isn't all that important (to him).
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