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That doesn't make any sense. You could have asked to speak to a manager, but I've noticed that some Walmarts are like night and day when you compare their customer service with other Walmart stores.

Of course, it's also possible that the cashier wanted them for himself and saw this as his best opportunity to stash them away until his shift was over.
No, as evidenced by the purchase of two of the three figures that clearly made their way back to the toy aisle by the next morning, he didn't keep them for himself.

This Walmart is right outside of downtown and is full of section 8'ers and lower-class inner city folks. Customer service is NOT their priority-- you've gotta trust me on this one. It usually takes 20 minutes to get to a person at the CS/returns desk and there are about 20 carts of merchandise waiting to go back out just sitting in the expanse where customers don't/can't queue. It looks like a war zone. I should take a picture sometime.