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    I hope Alicia gets eaten alive by some large animal out there. I really can't stand her. She got so damn lucky there was a merge. I was hoping they were just gonna vote someone off then and there too and make it interesting.
    You'll be sorry, Pee-Wee Herman!

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    What's with all the puzzles?

    Mike wasn't one of my favorites, but I think the guys needed to hang together for a tad longer and vote off a couple of the ladies.

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    These men are so blasted hopeless. Can't get their acts together.

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    The last likeable Survivor, for me at least, was voted off. I liked Leif. He wasn't a threat to anyone, and his chances of winning the money was nil.

    Seems that each season, the producers find some oddball, and Troyzan's definitely it. At one moment, you want to sympathize with the guy 'cause he's an outsider. Then, he has an outburst which makes him reviled by all. Jeckyll and Hyde indeed.

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    There looks of total shock/surprise, and then there are looks of total shock/surprise. Kat had the latter. She didn't see that blindside coming at all. She's a self-confessed dumb, inexperienced 22-year-old and that's what got her voted off. She didn't play the game well at all.

    Alicia amazes me. She thinks she's running the show, but the only thing running is her mouth.

    This was the first tribal council in weeks (maybe 2 months worth of shows!) where Christina's and a guy's name were written down.

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    I'm surprised Tarzan lasted as long as he did, but if he hadn't been making numerous deals with the ladies he could've easily stayed around a little longer.

    The Tarzan-Christina-Alicia so-called alliance made a poor move in not trying to get rid of Chelsea or Kim. One of those two will end up winning.

    And in HD, Kim has a mustache. : O


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