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    SideShow STAP with Battle Droid

    This looks like a great set. However, I'm not totally won over and not sure if I'll purchase it.

    In terms of engineering 1/6 scale greatness, I want a Destroyer Droid.

    I have the Hasbro Speederbikes. My only desire there is for a non-smiling Leia in Endor Poncho.

    As to small vehicle / objects? How about a courier droid that carries the kohouns to Padme's apartment that includes a sturdy enough stand that you could hang an AOTC Obi-Wan from it?

    What about the E2 air speeder that Anakin and Obi-Wan use?

    An Ewok glider would be awesome!

    So maybe the STAP. I haven't decided yet. You?
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    Depends on the price. I really like the BD set I just got, I like the design of the STAP, and the preview photo, along with the ones from SDCC make this look really good. Plus, that stand is pretty cool offering different angles for display.

    Let's see some more pics and how much it is...

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    Price is a big factor, and I'm sure it'll be expensive. Including a Battle Droid in the set confirms it'll be $60 more than I want to pay, and makes me feel like a fool for buying the 2-pack. I also feel like Sideshow has some nerve releasing the preview for this so soon after shipping the BD 2pack - they knew a collector like me would cancel the 2pack order and just get the STAP. Anyway, it looks good, the articulated base is a good idea (although I'm not in love with the base design itself), but I suspect it'll be at least $180 which is too rich for my blood by a lot.

    I think it's hilarious that the Sideshow site's preview of the set has the necks on the Battle Droids all half-telescoped, a problem some collectors have also been having not realizing it goes up higher or feeling like it'll break.

    As for other vehicles, I don't think there's a single one I'd get.
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    I'm thinking the STAP announcement 's timing has as much to do with capitalizing on Episode One's impending re-arrival in the theaters as well as striking while the BD set is fresh in the collection.

    I'm hoping that the Padawan version of Obi-Wan we saw teased in a production blog is set for order soon too...Sideshow may as well take full advantage of it Episode One being in the public eye again...

    As for the STAP...again, price will play into it for me, but another thing does too. This vehicle was one of the first things from Episode One we saw revealed in the collector's marketplace with that "Sneak Preview" figure set Hasbro presented with that cool window box showing the BD astride the STAP with a great piece of Doug Chaing's art as a back drop. I still have that in my collection and Sideshow's preview reminded me of that cool collectible. I know it probably sounds weird, but that's one of the draws for this one for me.

    Also, I don't think I'm going to be inclined to pick up many of the larger scaled (vehicles/creatures) that Sideshow does unless it's something that hasn't been done before or it truly has a unique look to it that is unmistakably "Star Wars"....and the STAP fits that criteria for me so...we'll see.

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    What ARE the possibilities for light vehicles / creatures for the 1/6th scale?

    And if you'd buy them?

    Here's what I can think of:

    Vulture Droid Fighter - wouldn't be too hard. Simple construction. Could come out sweet! Walks too)

    Destroyer Droid (I'D BUY!!!) - this is pretty much a figure, but unusual enough I included it here.

    STAP - they just made and I'll likely order.

    Kaadu - I have the Hasbro one. Good enough. SideShow might succeed with it if it included JarJar.

    Bongo Sub - it'd be huge like the Hot Toys Batmobile. But I think I'd buy.

    Dewback - made (but I bought the Hasbro one back in the day)

    Anakin's Podracer - no thanks, but it's possible.

    Sebulba's podracer - ditto the above.

    Eopie - It could work, but it's cool for ROTS with Obi-Wan and baby Luke.

    Jabba The Hutt - already made and I own 2 and 1 throne.

    Sith Speeder - Hasbro made it. It was a nice exclusive. I'm good. But yeah, this would work for SideShow.

    Coruscant Taxi - no. Hasbro could make one for the 3 3/4", but this is not for SideShow!

    N-1 Fighter - you know, I always thought that carving out room for a figure in the promotional ones Hasbro hung at the retail stores could work for an undersized 1/6th scale. It's possible and I'd probably buy one. Especially if they also made the droid fighter.

    Courrier Droid that carries the kohouns for the assasination - YES! So Obi-Wan can hang from it!

    Anakin's air speeder - yes.

    Zam's air speeder - maybe.

    Obi-Wan's Jedi Starfighter - totally possible and yes, I'd buy it.

    Rickshaw with Droid - not likely unless they make Padme Tatooine from E2 to ride in it with Anakin.

    Owen's speederbike - too boring for 1/6th. I bought Hasbro's 3 3/4" - but that was worth it.

    Bantha - too big for a fringe creature

    Reek - YES! YES! YES! So all 3 characters can ride it (Padme and AOTC Anakin yet to be made)

    Acklay - YES! YES! YES! But it would be huge and expensive

    Nexu - Arena creature most possible and affordable. Should be regular figure price!

    Orray with wagon - YES! YES! YES! a great idea. They should make a Geonosian rider, too. More poseable than Hasbro's, of which I own 2.

    Dwarf Spider Droid - YES! YES! YES! - This would be totally cool and look very good with Hot Toys help.

    Dooku's Speederbike - not necessary but I might buy it to put a Geonosian on. Of course Dooku is not yet made and I have 3 of the Hasbro figures which were very fine pieces.

    Anakin's Jedi fighter - yes. It's possible. These were not huge ships.

    Obi-Wan's Jedi Fighter - yes, See above. In light of the Batmobile. Think about it.

    AT-RT, hmmm. It's small enough it's doable. I might buy this if it were totally cool. Lot of detail.

    Grievous' Wheelbike. This could turn out really good.

    Boga - YES! YES! YES! If preposed, he should be up on his hind legs.

    Yoda's escape pod - no.

    Lava flea - no. (Hasbro needs to make this for the 3 3/4" though)

    Tantive IV escape pod - no

    Luke's Landspeeder - yes! Yes! Yes!

    Lar's landspeeder - no. But Hasbro should do one.

    Dianoga trash compactor monster - yes! Yes! Yes!

    Rebel hanger transport - no. I don't think so.

    TaunTaun - yes, but I have Hasbro's

    Wampa - yes. SideShow might do a very cool one, but if they can do this, Chewbacca is the priority.

    Darth Vader's Meditation Chamber - now this could be sweet with electronics! I'd buy!

    Mynock - made

    snakes - include with a Dagobah Luke though I'm not in the market for it

    Box of C-3PO parts, include with Leia Bespin (red gown) figure - but yes to both!

    Jabba's throne - made and awesome!

    Rancor Monster - yes! YES! Yes! The ultimate piece. It might be $700 or something, and the size of a small and fat child, and weighing even more - but it could top Hasbro's BMF as the centerpiece of any collection and would be even more impressive than if SideShow made the N1 or Jedi Starfighters at the 1/6 scale. The Rancor could top anything at the 1/6 scale.

    Emperor's Throne - made

    Ewok glider with Warok - YES YES YES!

    Speederbike - SideShow would do a great job. Nevertheless, I have 3 Hasbro ones. I love 'em but I'm done here.

    Shield Bunker Doors - could make an interesting display environment. I'd say Yes! With Endor Han and Leia being made, of course.

    What else could they do?

    Do you want (which of) these?
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    Price was announced at $175, I was very close (I also was close with my $120 prediction on the Hasbro MTT). That is simply too rich for my blood unless Sideshow is willing to knock $60 off for me already having a Battle Droid, which they ain't. It's not a crazy high price, but I simply don't want yet another Battle Droid identical to the ones I just got and a $115-value STAP.

    Oddly, all the pics they show of the STAP have the head of the vehicle tilted way down, I hope that's adjustable.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    Kylo Ren - came from Space Brooklyn, although he moved to Space Williamsburg before it was trendy.

    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.


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