Yes. I love it. The STAP is shipped as one assembled piece and it fits into a large, heavy, circular base stand.

You can plug it in and carefully use it to angle the STAP to be flying in any number of poses, angled up or down and tilted either way.

No - this wasn't made by Hasbro, so the guns don't become firing missiles, but old habit made me check just to be sure.

The battle droid is the standard one packaged in the 2-pack but I never employed the full articulation on it like I had to in order to have it ride the STAP. The feet lock into the foot pedals and the handle bar motorcyle grips move and can be positioned as clenched by the Battle Droid, who's fingers move from their connection to the hand, and also down the line in the fore-fingers - just like your real hands move. So I was very pleased by that.

Over all, this piece is worth owning. I have it positioned on top of my IKEA detolf for my TPM figures:

STAP- top

Theed Queen (Hasbro) + Padme Handmaiden (Hasbro), NEEDS Capt. Panaka (SideShow)

Queel Black Travel (Hasbro), Obi-Wan Ep1 (Hasbro), Qui-Gon Ep1 (Hasbro), Battle Droid (Hasbro), OOM-9 (Hasbro)*

Electronic JarJar (Hasbro) Battle Droid (Hasbro), OOM-9 Hasbro, NEEDS Destroyer Droid (Hot Toys / SideShow)

Kaadu (Hasbro), Capt. Tarpals (Hasbro), Battle Droid (SideShow) - if I get the Dest. Drd. I will move 1 or more BD's from above down to this shelf.

* The Hasbro Battle Droid is almost an identical mold to the SideShow one, but the SideShow one has more points of articulation.

The Hasbro one is more white colored but has more battle damage paint.

The SideShow one is more tan colored but is a cleaner, newer look.