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    I'm debating whether I want to pick up the electronic figures. When I saw mention of the light-up lightsabers I assumed it would turn out pretty lame and I was never quite impressed with the Power F/X figures back in '96... but they actually did turn out kind of cool. Maybe it's the decent sculpting, or that Obi-Wan actually has a blue blade rather than green, or just all of the above. They just came out pretty neat. Though, regardless of whether I pick up these first two I'm definitely getting the upcoming Darth Vader.
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    Found the wave this weekend. I have to say that I hate the light up figures because of the wide shoulders. If a friend hadn't said he wanted them, I would have returned them by now. Jar jar is great, amidala is exactly as expected, and the anakin exceeded expectations because of the great sculpt. Didn't get Maul but he looked good on the pegs. If I hadn't bought one last month from the vintage collection, I probably would have picked him up.

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    I'm still on the hunt for these figures. Hopefully soon.
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    I still haven't seen these at retail. What a mess!!!
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    They should be out real soon, mainly because the BOGO sales of last week CLEARLY were meant to clear out peg space for new stuff! Right? Right, Target and TRU?
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    I've only ever seen these one more time, and it was at the same Walmart where I got them. I've read that people are already finding wave 3 . . . this distribution is just ridiculous.

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    I saw wave 2 once at Target, one of the stores that was charging I think $10.72 per figure. Someone had bought Jar Jar and left the other 4 sitting, and I also left them sitting there.
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    I would like to get amidala and anakin, but I have not seen these at retail either. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
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    That Walmart is still sitting on a complete set of this wave as of last night. Last week, I picked up light-up Vader and backpack Luke.

    Vader is pretty cool - his bulky stature works well with the electronics, so he just looks more or less natural as opposed to the sorta-beefed-up Qui-Gon and the really-beefed-up Obi-Wan. It's a good sculpt and a fun figure.

    Luke is the same as the 2009 release, but his skirt piece has been modified to have a peg for his launcher (finally) and a hole for his backpack, which rotates really easily due to the bizarre placing of the connector. It doesn't really do a zipline feature like some of the other recent backpacks (Movie Heroes Amidala, Clone Wars Obi-Wan/Even Piell, etc.), but it just goes in and out. I wish they kept the zipline feature on this one. The grappling hook launcher doesn't have a grappling hook, so it's just the gun with no string or anything. He also has a lit-up lightsaber instead of just the hilt this time, which was a good choice. The only other obvious difference is that, on mine, his orange visor is a little cloudier and less transparent than the original version. The 2009 figure still holds up, and the peg for the launcher is nice to have, but this release isn't super important to have, I'd say.

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    The backpack looked like the kind where you pull the bottom string to make the top string retract, is that not the case? That'd be the key feature for this figure, if they didn't include it they'd be wasting everyone's time.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    "We named the dog 'Chewbacca'!"
    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.


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