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    Article: New Hasbro 'The Vintage Collection' Collection Figures Revealed

    I feel a great disturbance in the Force.

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    I'm not so excited about these. I'll buy all of them though.

    The skiff guard is the only one I'm necessarily a "fan" of.

    I'm not a really a Star Wars video-gamer. I do own Force Unleashed, but never actually played it - seriously. (I play baseball on my video game system, but do love the Lego Star Wars and Indiana Jones games.)

    There are a lot of Expanded Universe figures from the comics and novels, as well as the Clone Wars animated series, that I'd prefer - and many sources for these go back to the 90's era and comic series such as Tales of the Jedi from which I'd like EVERY character to appear see an action figure of him or her get made. But these EU figures do look good. Still, more New Jedi Order novel figures are also lacking and of more interest to me, including more versions of Jaina and Jacen Solo, and their parents, and Luke Skywalker at different ages.


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