I found the first wave of Class I vehicles in the Darth Maul packaging - Sith Speeder with Darth Maul, Naboo Royal Fighter with Obi-Wan Kenobi, STAP with Battle Droid, and BARC Speeder with Clone Trooper. They were $16.97 at Walmart and the two I bought (STAP and BARC Speeder) rang up under their individual names, so hopefully they'll stay at that price when they spread out there more. This is also, interestingly, the first time we've gotten non-Clone Wars figures in this line aside from two TRU exclusives.

I like this new packaging; it's more inviting with the white accents than the black-and-blue-fest we had in the Captain Rex packaging. The Class I box is similar to the most recent redesign (for the Castas wave), but more rounded on the left side.

Both sets come with the Galactic Battle Game stuff we've been ignoring since summer 2010, but now the stands are a weird tan color, the dice are black with gold trim as opposed to blue with white, the cards have a big photo of the character on the back instead of rules for the game, and the rules appear on a separate small white piece of paper. The different characters have different colors for the cards' trim, presumably following their allegiance.

Anyway, onto the sets themselves. The STAP is a repaint of the vehicle and figure that first came out as a Sneak Preview set in 1998 for $14.99. Aside from the game stuff, there are no new accessories. The figure is virtually identical to the original release, with perhaps a slightly lighter weathering scheme, but the weathering is still in the same places. The figure looks very dated and large next to the TVC version, but it's not awful when it's riding the STAP. The vehicle got no sculpting upgrades, so it's still the somewhat soft affair it's always been. The paint looks a little more orange than it used to, and of course there's no weathering, but where this version shines is in the additional grays and silvers that accent the ship in various places. I would have preferred to see the engines lit up instead of silver; it looks good this way, but it could have been more dynamic. If I had unlimited money, I could see myself getting a few more of these for dioramas, as it's a pretty good choice for this line in my opinion.

The BARC Speeder is the most recent design, which you already have if you have the bikes that came with Jesse and Buzz. Instead of the more open look from the films (with the bar running down the bike's length), it's the version from the show (with a curving slope starting at the data screen and going down from there), so it's not technically accurate to the movie (neither are its wheels, of course, but whatever). The paint scheme is basically the same as the ROTS versions, as seen on the deluxe ripcord release and the Treachery on Saleucami battle pack, so it's not necessarily anything to write home about. The figure itself is more interesting, as it's the AOTC TVC release with a ROTS helmet. It looks a little smaller than the helmet from the ROTS TVC figure, but it might be the same. As with the AOTC figure, the clone is a little skinny and tall (opting for the original release's shins instead of the improved, shorter ones from the ARC Trooper Commander figure), but it looks really good once you get it posed, either on or off the bike. The figure's face is lighter and there's gray on the soles of his shoes, but otherwise the body is the same as before. Sadly, this is the version that should have been released instead of the yellow-helmeted failure, but such is life. The set also comes with two blaster pistols, two blaster rifles, and a rocket launcher. The guns are from the AOTC TVC figure, and the launcher is from the Clone Wars line, as they're finally including accessories from that line with the realistic figures. So it's a pretty good set - it certainly feels "newer" than the STAP in every way (since, I suppose, it is, even though nothing new has been sculpted here). The bike didn't look this way in the film, the plain white clone didn't ride it, and you might be sick of BARC Speeders and plain white ROTS clones by now, but it's a good set.

I didn't get the others, as I'm waiting to see if there are any interesting differences between these and previous releases. The Sith Speeder has some paint to indicate a viewscreen; it's basically just red and white shapes, but the 1999 release didn't have it, and the one in the 2010 Tatooine Desert Ambush battle pack has just white and green paint there (though I don't have that version). That's very minute, and I don't know how the rest of the paint scheme compares. The set also includes another, bigger Sith probe droid, presumably from the 2005 Sith Evolutions set.