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    Where, o where, is the Jedi Starfighter?

    Wasn't this suppose to come out this weekend? Sooooo, shouldn't the stores, like, already have these somewhere in stock?

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    Havn't seen any yet. Since the 1st of the Preview figures have been spotted, I'm sure the Starfighter can't be far behind.
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    March 9! Woo-hoo!

    This Saturday is the magic day at TRU!

    I can only imagine/hope they will have the preview figures too.
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    Hey Blueduck37 its me Drooling Homer from SCS Anyway, I hope that the rumors are true and the JediStarfighter will come out in a signifcant number to the stores
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    Why do people start new Jedi Starfighter threads when we have so many to choose from?

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    Why must you post the same message 3 times when it's really just 3 Jedi SF threads?

    Anyway, I'm guessing nothing happened on the 9th, and am glad nothing happened, I hope to be able to find my preview stuff soon, as my stores have either not leaked anything, or not ordered anything...
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