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    More TVC basic figure images have been added.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JediTricks View Post
    Shows how much I can remember about Ewoks, I thought hey already did the NewLumat.
    They did Graak, a black-and-white Ewok, packed in with Romba in 2007, though the sculpt looked an awful like the vintage Lumat. Graak and NewLumat look very similar but are apparently different. The similarity is why I'm glad they're doing the real vintage one, whatever his name is now.

    Looking at the press release Hasbro sent out, I see ROTS Anakin and Vader with light-up lightsabers for Movie Heroes. As for Ahsoka's appropriateness, the realistic figure seems to be quite a bit . . . fuller and more revealing than the TCW version.

    It looks like Emperor's Wrath Vader has a clenched right fist, and that his hand isn't removable. Hopefully I'm wrong. But at any rate, it's not articulated at the wrist but the glove, so it'll look cruddy no matter what.

    Bespin Leia's gown has no pattern on it whatsoever, how cheap.

    The sandtrooper's small blaster has the stand thing for the first time.

    Jar Jar really does look fantastic.
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    The Maul life-sized giveaway statue has been added, it's topless unlike the one originally shown, but I think it's the same sculpt, the side of the eyes looks the same. It looks better from the side Steve shot it.

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    Movie Heroes vehicles added.

    Also, some of the figures in the second batch of TVC basic figures gallery are from the SDCC exclusive, I'm editing them into their right places now.

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    Ok, I think I've got all the SDCC figures moved into that gallery. Keep in mind, I think all those figures are also TVC basics, but am not totally sure.

    Bespin Gown Leia looks good, but I don't think fans of the gown itself will be happy as they didn't replicate the pattern.

    Zapped Vader looks tremendous.

    Vintage Jar Jar apparently fits inside the block, so I guess that's your look at Vintage Jar Jar as well as the block. I don't like the way they're designing the Jar Jar neck on either TVC or MH Jar Jar though, that looks really odd, and it should be moving at the base as well as the top.

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    Movie Heroes basic figures gallery is up.

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    Clone Wars basic figures is added. Not very many figures.

    Oh man, that is the saddest set of figures. I think Lucasfilm is having Hasbro quietly close down this line. Super Battle Droid? SAME FIGURE NEW COLORS! So dumb.

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    Star Wars Attack of the Mauls! So, uh, how many Mauls are on this card?
    I see 4 - the main header, the left character image, the figure, and the game card behind the figure. Is that a record for the number of Darth Mauls in 1 product?

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    Hasbro's Hi-Res studio images are added for TVC.

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    It looks like the SBD is a Kamino training version, from the Clone Cadets episode. That's a pretty cool version, even if it is just a repaint.


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