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    From the pics I've seen, this one is perfect if you want to customize a Michael Kelso as Han Solo figure. Wait a second--what would ya need to customize?
    That's my jacket!

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    I really like the posability, but the face leaves something to be desired for me. It kind of looks like he is saying, "Who's scruffy looking?" Wrong movie though.
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    I think it's a great figure but since we have the commtech version and the upcoming two-pack version, I really wonder why this version of Han was chosen. Why not Hoth Han, whcih deperately needs a resculpt, or Endor Han, which could use some updating? I'm still going to buy it. I think the facial expression and pose are great.

    Speaking of the two-packs, when I first heard of them, I had an idea. I think it would have been great if they did a trilogy of two-packs. They could have had Obi-Wan and Vader in the duel scene from ANH. Then they could have done Han and Chewbacca from Hoth. (Maybe with packaging approximating the Probot scene?) Then they could have done Luke and Leia in Endor Gear. This could have taken care of several badly-neeeded resculpts. Of course, if you ask me, we have enough Vaders as it is.

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    I don't know?, I don't like his head sculpt so I'll wait untill I get him in my hand before I pass judgement
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    I think the figure looks good, but it's true, even the best danged Han Solo figure ever, Cantina Han, became an almost-instant pegwarmer, and Bespin Han is starting to linger. There MUST have been a better Han Solo costume to make a figure out of than this.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

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    ...Like Han Solo in "archeological dig" gear with fedora and whip!
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    NO! Surely a new Han Endor with cloth duster coat would have been better? Or a new Han just out of carbon freeze, or just going into carbon freeze, or Hoth snow coat with hood up. Any of those would have piqued my interest, but this is quite so-so really. Cuz it most probably will be a death star Han in that 25th pack. ** hum........

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    Well, this brings up an interesting question. Hasbro insists on putting "CORE" figures into every wave because they believe those figures are the bread and butter of the line and guarantee sales for the line. But we see more and more evidence of "Core" figures becoming Pegwarmers. mechAnakin, Old Ben, and Farmer Qui Gon are the most recent, but I seem to remember CTC Han and Luke with his little toy T-16 sitting on clearance racks and STILL not getting bought. So is Hasbro paying attention to this turn of events and will this mean
    A. More obcure figures instead of resculpts or
    B. Hasbro turning down the production fires leaving us with less product in the long run.

    I can see B. happening.

    Hasbro Exec #1: look at these numbers, Don.
    HE#2: Nobody is buying these Star Wars figures. they are warming the pegs.
    HE#1: I guess no one wants Star Wars toys anymore...
    HE#2: I guess we'll shut down the line and make room for fingerbikes!

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    Man JediTricks, I wish I was in LA right now if Bespin Hans are starting to linger on the shelves. I've only managed to find one, and he's one of my fav POTJ figs so far.
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    Fingerbikes? FINGERBIKES!?! NO! We must not allow such a stupid and unimaginative toy to rule the shelves!
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