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    han ibal

    Face is nice but to me he's as interesting as all the other hannies. not

    I hate people in starwars
    Bad Taste

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    To me, fingerbikes represent all that is wrong with America.

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    I praise the as yet unproved deity that I've still not encountered one of these fabled 'fingerbikes'. Instead I have encountered POKEMANGE madness for my pains. And now it's DIGIMANGE! When are the shelves gonna clear of all this absolute garbage and leave the space free for real toys? Fill the stores high with Star Wars and G.I.Joe and Action man and LEGO and other brand film tie in ACTION FIGURES and VEHICLES. not those horrid round phlegm ball things with phlegmy sounding names and phlegmy looking colours and no articulation whatsoever and no accessories!

    I'm not a fan of Japanese cheaply made animated serials. Can you tell?

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    Other than the stormie belt, there's nothing more to this figure, well whats another Han for us??
    As always...........L

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    All the pics of the Death Star Escape Han (or whatever his name is) I've seen don't look as awe-inspiring as everyone has made them out to be. They say it's the best likeness of Han. To me it looks like he just popped out of some Anime movie or comic. Am I delsusional? I like my Cantina Han. The arms could have been posed a little better or some better articulation to 'em, but it's a great figure (I just need to steal my friends resculpt Greedo to make him complete). For once they made a fig that LOOKS like Harrison Ford. Like a lot of fans and collectors have already said, "Stop the Rescuplts! Bring us something NEW!" I second that motion.


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