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    Does anyone like this new Han Solo?

    Is anyone excited by this new Han sculpt? My wife called him "Bum Leg Han Solo", because she said his leg looks like he's dragging it behind him in the picture. I just kind of don't see a point to another Han, I think the space for him on the pegs could be for another figure, such as a new Rebel General or something. Plus I was happy with the Cantina Han, don't see why we got another resculpt of him in the same clothes so soon after the first.

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    Han will definitely be the first figure I buy from the new asssortment. Why? It's the face, no other Han figure has even come close to looking like Harrison Ford did in ANH. From the pics I've seen so far this figure seems to be a dead on likeness. I thought the CTC Han was ok but not great, but the likeness was terrible. This figure even though he's frozen in an action pose looks like he'll be incredible, I can't wait to display him next to my mechanic Chewie (giving Chewie a CTC Stormie blaster rifle)!!

    Based on photos I give this Han 5 out of 5 s***-eating grins:

    When I actually get the figure in my hands I give a more complete review in the Reviews section.
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    I have to say that although it may look great, it is really a resculpt that is not needed.
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    I have to agree with you, Bigbarada. I was not particularly excited about another ANH Han, but after seeing it up close and personal, I don't think the 'Net pictures do it justice. I think the face likeness is almost dead-on to Harrison Ford. The only bummer on this fig - that while the belt is a separate piece, the holster isn't functional with the imperial blaster...otherwise a very good fig.

    Anyone think that the 25th Anniver. edition w/ Han will be another ANH, or possiblly a redone Han in Stormtrooper gear? I'd personally dig the latter one myself!

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    This Han is different from all its predecessor and I'm really happy I bought him home. This is one of my favourite POTJ fig now. I should not dwell into why I like him because earlier replies already sums up my view.

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    Although it'll probably be a while before I find him here in the UK, i have to say that from all the pics I've seen on the net I'm not too fussed on this one. It may look more like Harrison but it still looks ugly. I prefer the slightly like Harrison CTC version. I'm gonna do a head swap as soon as I find this one Because I don't like the pose of CTC Han. That way I get two figures I'm gonna be able to live with. But if the 25th anniversary one is the same as this carded version then whats the point? I hope it looks different as in the Stormtrooper resculpt which hopefully would herald a new Luke stormtrooper sculpt. That would be nice.

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    I'm of the opinion that the 25th Anniversary 2-packs will be very cool, no matter the outfit, sculpt, or price point! What I wish they'd do would be to make the Luke/Leia and Han/Chewie 2-pax a conjoining detention block "scene", looking down the cell bay... now that would be cool...
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    Talking hmmmm

    I like it! I have no complaints. Sure he's nothing big, but since I play with my toys, I think it's about time that they made a Han that looks like he could go out and kill some Stormtroopers. I mean CTC Han looks like he could go beat up Lando after losing to him in Sabaac, but not a squad of Stormies. I like him.
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    Do we really need another Han?

    Didn't the last "vested" Han prove that resulpts become pegwarmers. Hasbro is making a big mistake and should make a different character figure that the fans want. (Even if the scuplt is great it is still the same old HAN). Don't a'get a'me wrongo (sorry couldn't help myself) I like the character of Han just don't need another of the same old thing.

    I was ticked off when I bought the split apart Maul and then found the two-pack Maul-ObiWan. Of course being a near completest I bought it. But whose to say that everyone would.

    Many fans by most but not all the figures some only buy the ones they like an then there are the kids to think about. They can neither afford or want another sculpt that doesn't serve them any purpose other than to say they have the newest sculpt.

    Okay enough of my ranting for now!


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    After looking at the picture yet again, I think you could get a little plastic guitar and slide it in place of the blaster, and Han would be in a total buttrocker metal pose.


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