Somehow, got an image of two upcoming multipacks, one featuring Ewoks and another featuring ANH pilots. I have no idea if this is from the Hasbro slideshow and was somehow not mentioned anywhere, but it looks like official Hasbro imagery.

The pilots set includes R5-D8 (Porkins' droid), Jek Porkins, Tiree, Davish "Pops" Krail, and a TIE Fighter Pilot (since those have been so darn hard to come by lately ). There have been a lot of pilots lately, but this set knocks some of the last remaining speaking pilots from Yavin, so that's something.

More awesome is the Ewok set, which features Corpsey, Tippet, Teebo, Wunka, and Kneesa. I don't know how or when this is coming, but it'll be fantastic to finally have Kneesa. If they keep the name "Corpsey" on the package, I will do cartwheels all the way to Rhode Island and personally kiss every Hasbro employee for five minutes each. It looks like Tippet has an alternate headdress from the comics and Wunka is the Ewok who uses the stormtrooper blaster.

Hopefully more information will be revealed soon.