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    Post Dates

    Not what you think in this thread, unless you were thinking of dates on the calendar.

    Every Feb. 13th, I fondly recall the first day of one of the best times in my life: what I call The Sojourn, a 16,000+ mile venture across the USA (well, half the country, that is). I have several dates I either look forward to or dread their approaching times over the calendar year (anybody have cool memories of Feb. 29th events :everyfouryears: ?), aside from the standard holidays or birthdays...

    Jan. 28th (anniversary of the shuttle Challenger disaster, a dozen years later my own event too)
    Feb. 1st (another shuttle explosion )
    Feb. 13th (see above)
    Mar. 15th (Ides of March references)
    Apr. 4th (U2's song "Pride" reminds me of why)
    Apr. 30th ( )
    Jun. 6th (anniversary of D-Day, also my paternal grandma's birthdate)
    Jul. 20th ("that's one small step..." )
    Sep. 1st (another World War began)
    Sep. 11th (I think we all know this one )
    Oct. 23rd (several famous birthdates )
    Nov. 11th ("the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month..." )
    Dec. 7th ("a day which will live in infamy..." )

    Anyone else have such days, without getting too personal?
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    May 8th V- E Day
    August 15th V J Day

    And two 'floating' days...

    March 5th - track begins
    August 27th - cross country begins


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