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    Transformers 4

    It's confirmed for release on June 27, 2014.

    It is a "partial reboot." What does that mean? What do you want to see?

    Optimus Prime and BumbleBee will be returning.

    These are the facts.
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    For me, if it is so much of a reboot that Megatron, Starscream, Soundwave, and Shockwave are back, then there has to be time travel.

    Optimus ripped Megatron apart into little pieces and ripped apart his head. There's probably not a microchip of him left that Prime didn't pulverize. He acted like a SMART character and "made sure" this time.

    I don't think there are enough parts left to make "Galvatron" out of what remains of Megatron.

    Now if there's time travel, JAZZ and IRONHIDE could come back! I wouldn't mind seeing more of JAZZ if they have to do this.

    The other thing is the story might take place during the other 3.

    We see what Hound, Mirage, and Wheeljack (Hound, Dino, and Que) were doing during the events of the other movies, and Prime and BumbleBee appear. Not to mention, we can find out where Barricade was between the first and third film - assuming he was even one of the Decepticon "Chicago" police cars in DOTM.

    Additionally, Shockwave was not seen in the first or second movie, so other Autobots could face him. That would be awesome!

    Devastatpr could be back if this takes place before ROTF.

    Ultimately, I'm not sure about a story "where this other stuff is happening during the trilogy." But that's what Clone Wars is to Star Wars.

    If the show would just progress into the future, we could have Optimus, BumbleBee and Ratchet, plus SideSwipe and Dino, and then new characters.

    Cyclonus making an appearance would be terrific!

    What do you want to see?

    It'd be too weird having the same director completely reboot his whole series....
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    I'd love to see some Dinobots personally.
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    I was going to post that they don't want to pay the onscreen talent for a 4th movie, they've gotten expensive and the studio probably wants to keep it cheaper, but then Josh Duhamel confirmed that he's not coming back and doesn't think ANY of the main human cast is coming back.

    As for the robot characters, they'll bring them all back one way or another, doesn't really matter to Bay.
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    What do you want to see in a movie, JT?

    If you were writing it, then "x" would happen and cause "y" and the following characters would appear:

    Transformers is not Star Wars, but could Michael Bay "get away with" re-imagining his whole franchise?

    Lucas owns Star Wars, but what if he remade ANH and now Luke dies and Han Solo discovers he is Force-Sensitive, because Lucas decides he wants it to be that way from now on. Wouldn't he face an even worse rebellion from the fans than just the ones who don't like Greedo shooting first?

    So doesn't Michael Bay have to at least be respectful of the continuity of his own films?
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    Michael Bay is a soul-dead hack, he couldn't re-imagine lunch properly if he had only bologna and a loaf of bread. Bay is only making "product" and doesn't give a golly good fart about who these characters are (Bay has very little interest in his characters in general, he only speaks through them in cliches), so rebooting won't be difficult. The humans are all magically "important" in these films, but WHO THEY ARE isn't -- so long as they are the main actors. Bay will just have a script written up with new "important humans" played by actors famous enough to get more suckers into theaters but not so famous that they carry a huge pricetag -- look at Mikaela, so important that she's in 2 movies, and yet so disposable that her story and value to the heroes is swept away in the 3rd movie.

    As for the robots who were killed, well, I don't know if Bay will bring them back or move forward without them, I'd guess it'll be impossible for Bay to move forward in a TF film without Megatron, he needs a name character to hook audiences with, can't use Galvatron because mainstream audiences won't be impressed and Bay doesn't have the depth to carry forward a new villain or even a rebooted villain without making the audience do some of the work for him -- he couldn't make a Superman movie without Lex Luthor, for example (not a great example since there's only been 1 without Luthor, but then again all the Superman movies after the first one are hacky retreads at best).

    Transformers is not a terribly difficult story to tell on its own: you make your heroes noble and diverse, you make your villains strong in vision and varied in character but all possessing a philosophy which the heroes and the audience cannot wholly agree with (although it's ok to have some of the heroes' original philosophies have some overlap, only to learn that the overlapping philosophies are not as high quality as they had initially thought when they see them enacted by the enemy). It'd be nice to have Transformers as characters who are more masters of the universe, going from Cybertron to other planets, fighting over resources to wrest political control away from their enemies, and use Earth only as another incidental resource stockpile. Since Transformers are fighting an ancient war, the idea of them just killing each other with simple tactics is worthless crap - nobody can fight a war for a million years where one guy can just stab another in a matter of seconds and be done with it, these robots are TOUGH and resilient. Have the heroes come across a few humans who are uniquely qualified to help the robot heroes, let those humans be instrumental in the heroes' ability to gain the upper hand and the lack of those humans be an issue for the villains. Using the original "More than Meets the Eye" cartoon as a rough basis for how to tell the story ain't so bad, it has humans but they aren't THE story, they're just another part of the TF's story; and you have Megatron who doesn't give a crap about the humans one way or the other, just wants their stuff, and can even work with OP when there is need.

    If I were making a new Transformers story, here are elements I'd need:
    - actual story scenes on Cybertron, displaying the value of the war waged between robots who use disguise as a chief weapon;
    - scenes of the Autobots and Decepticons coming to Earth to mine its energy resources;
    - a diverse cast of Autobots with unique talents and personalities, but a clear focus on the main characters, not unlike how the original Trek movies worked;
    - Optimus Prime not being a humorless, cliche-spewing, murderer;
    - A reason for the Autobots to value the humans, even need their help (whether it's intel, repairs, scouting, I can think of too many reasons) but without alerting the greater population or the governments;
    - Megatron as a smarter villain with the ability to make some damned sense to his somewhat diverse troops;
    - Soundwave as a seemingly-mindless follower of Megatron with his own minions;
    - Starscream as a treacherous schemer, morals-discarded scientist who might find a kindred scheming human to work with, and leader of the Seekers;
    - if possible, Devastator, Dinobots, Combaticons, the REAL Jetfire, Insecticons;
    - a reason for the robots to value disguise on Earth and to not just take over (STARSCREAM: This planet is ripe for the picking, Megatron! We should crush these puny things under our boots and take what is rightfully ours so that we can defeat the Autobots!
    MEGATRON: Foolish Starscream, ever greedy and short-sighted, it is that which makes you unfit to lead. There are billions of these humans on this planet and just a handful of us, they have mastered nuclear weaponry, if they were pushed they could destroy us in a single press of a button. Besides, if we kill them, who will continue harnessing this planet's vast resources so that we can swoop in and plunder it?)
    - probably an ending that hints at the spacebridge bringing the story back and forth between Cybertron and Earth (perhaps also the lost Cybertronian colonies).
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    "In Brooklyn, a castle, is where dwell I"
    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.


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