I really like what JediTricks said which I'll quote below.

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If I were making a new Transformers story, here are elements I'd need:
- actual story scenes on Cybertron, displaying the value of the war waged between robots who use disguise as a chief weapon;
- scenes of the Autobots and Decepticons coming to Earth to mine its energy resources;
- a diverse cast of Autobots with unique talents and personalities, but a clear focus on the main characters, not unlike how the original Trek movies worked;
- Optimus Prime not being a humorless, cliche-spewing, murderer;
- A reason for the Autobots to value the humans, even need their help (whether it's intel, repairs, scouting, I can think of too many reasons) but without alerting the greater population or the governments;
- Megatron as a smarter villain with the ability to make some damned sense to his somewhat diverse troops;
- Soundwave as a seemingly-mindless follower of Megatron with his own minions;
- Starscream as a treacherous schemer, morals-discarded scientist who might find a kindred scheming human to work with, and leader of the Seekers;
- if possible, Devastator, Dinobots, Combaticons, the REAL Jetfire, Insecticons;
- a reason for the robots to value disguise on Earth and to not just take over (STARSCREAM: This planet is ripe for the picking, Megatron! We should crush these puny things under our boots and take what is rightfully ours so that we can defeat the Autobots!
MEGATRON: Foolish Starscream, ever greedy and short-sighted, it is that which makes you unfit to lead. There are billions of these humans on this planet and just a handful of us, they have mastered nuclear weaponry, if they were pushed they could destroy us in a single press of a button. Besides, if we kill them, who will continue harnessing this planet's vast resources so that we can swoop in and plunder it?)
- probably an ending that hints at the spacebridge bringing the story back and forth between Cybertron and Earth (perhaps also the lost Cybertronian colonies).
I know from G1 that Starscream was a scientist (with JetFire) but I'd like to learn more about what made him so militant that he could command the Seekers. Kind of like the backstory to Cobra Commander I'd guess. But I'd like to see it (as a flashback or aside in the movie).

That dialogue with Starscream and Megatron is excellent. Probably from the show, or JT is holding out on us.