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Thread: Wal-Mart Wave

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    Wal-Mart Wave

    Out of the 12 walmart exclusive figures, are most of them repacks? I'm debating if it's worth even picking these up.


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    This thread pretty much covers it, but the cliffs notes version is that 6 of them are new - Aurra Sing, G8-R3, Gungan Warrior, Mawhonic, Ric Oliť, and Naboo Pilot. Aurra Sing, Gungan Warrior, Mawhonic, and Naboo Pilot will be re-released on Vintage cards later this year, though possibly without some of their accessories. The others are all repacks - Darth Maul, Obi-Wan, Qui-Gon, Yoda, Destroyer Droid, and Tusken Raider. The Destroyer Droid's shield is less blue than it used to be, but otherwise it's a repack.
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    I saw this wave, minus the droideka and G8-R3 today. Of the new ones, I had no interest in Aurra Sing; the old one is fine, and I don't need the added elbow articulation, especially at $9. Really, folks, she just stands there and doesn't even look that cool in the movie. I couldn't bring myself to get the Naboo Pilot, either, since it's identical to Ric Olie from the neck down.

    I did pick up the Gungan Warrior, Mawhonic (waited almost thirteen years for that bad boy!), and Ric. I couldn't pass on Ric, knowing that he is so incredibly bad*** that Hasbro is afraid of the effects on the space-time continuum if they release two figures of him within twelve years of one another and aren't re-releasing him. Tycho, you should smell him; he reeks of Jack Daniels and sheer bad***ery. One sniff, and you'll be knocked out for three days and wake up in a strange bed with fourteen naked women.
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    I heard that Ric Olie also comes with a patent leather vest, his "Old lady," and a brandy glass full of brown m&m's (or else Ozzy won't go on stage!)
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    When I saw Ric I wanted to say "Ole!" In 3-D, too! But instead, I took him from the peg, and then purchased him from a cashier's line.
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