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    Battle Packs - Duel on Naboo and Bespin Battle posted an image from the Hasbro Toy Fair slideshow that shows the mentioned-but-previously-unseen battle packs, Duel on Naboo and Bespin Battle. And, uh . . . wow. "Wow" as in, "Wow, did they seriously sculpt and tool all-new versions of these characters, in vintage-style articulation?" And by "vintage-style articulation," I mean, "real 1978-1985 vintage-style articulation, with only five points each." I am pretty dumbfounded. The lower robes on the Naboo set are just horrible, with the robes actually being part of the legs. Wouldn't it cost more to tool these figures than to re-release older figures, especially older figures with this level of articulation? Kids can't really care if the figures are repackaged from the 90s, and I can't see many collectors jumping on these. I guess if you like modern sculpting but hate articulation, then these are for you. Even Luke's coloring looks like the vintage figure. This just . . . I don't even know.
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    Well, I guess it's official now, Hasbro doesn't want to sell any of the battlepacks in the main line to anyone over the age of 8.

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    I'm really confused by this turn of events.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JEDIpartner View Post
    I'm really confused by this turn of events.
    I'm not. They're trying to save money by going from as many as 5 figures all the way down to 3. They're trying to save even more money by including mainly repacks. This alienated collectors completely and we quit buying them. So now they're putting in the cheapest cr@p they can churn out (it may have been cheaper to create new molds of poorly articulated figures than to make more of an existing mold.) Besides, this way they're just different enough from what is already out there that parents may not balk at buying the same figure in a battlepack that they've already bought for their kids on vintage or movie heroes cards several times this year already. Clearly these aren't aimed at us at all. The big question is are kids going to want subpar figures. I really hope they bomb completely and Hasbro reevaluates the battle pack concept and goes back to putting in environmental pieces and maybe an exclusive figure that wouldn't otherwise be made now and then.

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    This is a big waste of resources. I have to wonder if Jeff is trying to "make his mark" by switching gears with the brand to appeal to a play-oriented consumer. These look awful, the Naboo figures like they were designed outside the existing structure at Hasbro Star Wars, while the Bespin one has more articulation for Boba but middling sculpting and figures that nobody would want. These are, I might add, what Jeff was referring to when he said of these items at Toy Fair that he was "particularly excited about them, favorite sculpts we've done of these characters, gorgeous, they look exactly like what you see on the screen, it's amazing". Those are quotes from his Toy Fair presentation, calling out special attention to Maul, Fett, and Vader. Now, maybe he's seen something that looks considerably further along and better than what the slide shows, but I am not instilled with confidence.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JediTricks View Post
    Jeff was [snip] "particularly excited about them, favorite sculpts we've done of these characters, gorgeous, they look exactly like what you see on the screen, it's amazing"
    He is either completely blind or he's living in 1978 and had a peek into the future and saw The Phantom Menace, which is how he designed these figures for the line.
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