POTF2.com posted an image from the Hasbro Toy Fair slideshow that shows the mentioned-but-previously-unseen battle packs, Duel on Naboo and Bespin Battle. And, uh . . . wow. "Wow" as in, "Wow, did they seriously sculpt and tool all-new versions of these characters, in vintage-style articulation?" And by "vintage-style articulation," I mean, "real 1978-1985 vintage-style articulation, with only five points each." I am pretty dumbfounded. The lower robes on the Naboo set are just horrible, with the robes actually being part of the legs. Wouldn't it cost more to tool these figures than to re-release older figures, especially older figures with this level of articulation? Kids can't really care if the figures are repackaged from the 90s, and I can't see many collectors jumping on these. I guess if you like modern sculpting but hate articulation, then these are for you. Even Luke's coloring looks like the vintage figure. This just . . . I don't even know.