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    Lightbulb ah, so mattel Makes hotwheels, i get it now

    wouldn't mind viewing 1/18 but not owning, that's too big for the constraints of my collection. after all, scifivehs are but one of my interests, i don't want toys takin over my life now do i so japhot's better, eh? surprising, cuz the jl i saw was impressive enough that i have a hard time imagining a mere hotwheel rendition could even approach it.
    speaking of: tejas mamma bought & mailed me that sent400 she found & it arrived yesterday on one hand it reminded me why i don't collect hotwheels (toyish detailing doesn't compare to mm execution). on other, nice custom interior details and it's just plain nice to have a sydcar in small toy form so i can recommend this to bc3, gsj & other not-strictly-galoob-mm collectors (it's in scale with mm or af figs, not sure which exactly). body color turns out to be metallic blue-green not too diff from blue parts of silver r2 dee2 gave me a month ago

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    The JL one and the HW one have different strengths and weaknesses, so it really depends on what you're looking for in that department, but I do prefer the Japanese Hot Wheels car (Mattel makes HW but Bandai is the name on the packaging in Japan, I guess for licensing) because of the wheels and rear section.

    I've been looking for that Sentinal 400 lately and haven't come up with it yet, but I'm glad to hear you got one. It is cool to have Mead's designs in toy form.
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    what girlfriend said!

    now boyz, don't forget to bring this here sidebar discussion of yours back to center once your done cruisin' the country side in your non af/mm vehickle that seems to be in firm grasp of you two's motoring fancy.

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    You know what the problem would be with crusing in a SWMM? Anything like the AF Gian speeder or DC Landspeeder would have a messed up ride thanks to those googly wheels.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    "In Brooklyn, a castle, is where dwell I"
    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.

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    oooh, I think a B-wing to take care of GSJ's SUV problem...

    OK, I didn't say I'd actually blast away, I just imagine they might be less inclined to try to intimidate a big ol' B-wing.

    But for pleasure cruising, how can I pass up a Naboo starfighter with the cockpit open. Sunny, stylish, efficient, ...

    ...I think it's left to loosen, but cut the blue wire first anyway...

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    mmMMmm nice choice Tibor, Nice landing gear on that AF even if they intepreted it through Hannah Barbera-specs

    As for the B-wing, well, I am afraid it will be a frosty day in hell when i get into THAT intepretation of the superking of the Rebel Alliance. If I was allowed to jump in the Ertl resin kit one I made that is roughly AF scale, then I'd be right next to ya helping GSJ out, except I WOULD be stylin-strafin'


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    Hey.... I resent that comment about the Naboo Fighter landing gear! I had to make that up on my own/steal it from the queen's ship. After I saw Episode II, it was easy to see why LFL was unable to provide us any with landing gear references back then.

    All considering, I thought it turned out pretty well.

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    i love the N-1 landing gear on the af!

    in fact, that's the ships main saving grace. (due to the size constraints, the shortened, and i mean waaaaaaaay shortened tail ruined the overall appearance of this graceful fighter). in fact, all the landing gear work on the episode I action fleet was extremely well executed. i love how the front legs of the sith infiltrator swing out and down.

    i actually think the design of the n-1 gear is far superior to the levitating parlour trick shown on the landing platform in ep. II.

    lets say i'm cruisin' 'bout the country side in my n-1, and i just gotta stop at a&w for a big frosty mug of root beer cause nothing else is gonna quench my thirst as good as that! i don't wanna have to negotiate wind currents and rough parking terrain just to climb outta my ship, perhaps losing my footin' and slipping down and breakin something, jes cause the lame brains at theed motor works wanna shove the latest in repulsar lift gadgetry into everything they do. no way baby, i want a firm connection to terra firma with my stylin' tucked away oh so right into the engine mounts, rear facing, power extendin' glitch designed landing pads thankyou very much.

    my life is wobbely enough as it is!
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