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    favorite micro machine vehicle to cruise about the country side in

    after surveying all the micro machines in my collection (ok, masons collection), i'v decided that the vehicle i'd most like to take on a warm sunny sunday afternoon jaunt through the country side would have to be the die cast gian speeder.

    this thing is built for top down, sun on your face, wind in your hair fun. the super sweet matalic purple paint job is sure to turn a head or two as you zip past small towns, and farmland on the journey.

    the nifty design of the engines tucked into the rear quarter, away from the pasanger seating, ensures that your trip will not only be a smooth repluser glide, but also a quiet one. not like the noise one would be subjected to in iether the flash, or heaven forbid, luke's noisy 727 jet engine job!

    plus, the design and palcement of the three blaster cannons (just in case you're needing more than a friendly smile from a jackson or two to tawk your way outta speeding ticket) is way more stylin' than either the mm or af versions.

    yep, that'd be my ride choice fer sure!
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    I'd agree, the Gian Speeder is pretty cool, but I might have to say a speederbike or a swoop... Nah the Gian Speeder, it's just too cool.
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    id chose the type 9 shuttlecraft, its sleek and speedy and you can cruise the contryside on anny planet

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    Die Cast Death Star!!!

    Ok, seriously, I'd dig the Action Fleet Lars' Family Landspeeder. It's got some storage space AND an open control area. Plus, those engines look like they could haul space-arse in a hovering drag race.
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    all the way!
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    For a country cruise, I'd probably take the Royal Starship, pop the canopy if it's nice, and set to autopilot whilst I sunbathe on the fuselage, dispensing choice heckles at passers-by, disparaging their clothes or social standing. Perhaps have a laugh with the Astromechs in the droid hold if the weather's being typically English

    For shopping, it would have to be a Trade Fed Lander so I can pack in all my gorgeously fine purchases.

    I live in Theed, darling.


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    Come on this is a really good thread, someone post willya!


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    as the weather hass been crappy this past week.....

    (sheeesh, ya make one disparaging remark twards a brit, and poof! you get their lousy weather for a week ), rainy,damp and quite chilly for us floridians, the die cats gian speeder has been left in the garage, forcing me to take to the skys in my jc penny, darth vaders advanced tie.

    as is always the case, whenever a touch of h2o makes to the ground here in fla, the traffic sqeals to a dead crawl , thus requiring a higher travelin' height than 1 1/2 meters if i'm ever to git anywhere!

    the vision panels in the top hatch allow me to stay dry, while still enjoying the daylight (rather dim with all the clouds, but daylight none-the less) streaming in from the top.

    and just in case it decides to hail (which happens freq. here in fla), the shields, which neither the standard tie, nor interceptor provide, comes in handy to keep the battleship grey paint from gettin' nipped!

    as i'm zippin' through the stratosphere, too high for any criticizin' eye's, stylin' colors ain't important.
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    On rainy days, it's the AF Snowspeeder for me!
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    "We named the dog 'Chewbacca'!"
    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.

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    after being cut off by 17 or so suv's on my way to werk this morning.....

    it's time to take my transforming naboo battlefield mtt out for a little retaliatory spin

    let's see those friggin road hogs nudge me out in this thing. heck, with the storm cloud i'm kickin' up with my oversized repulser lifts, those banes to civilized road play won't even get the chance to merge (translation cut off), with, or as usual without directionals blinking away uselessly

    wanna make my day pilgrem? go ahead, just you try
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