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    Talking Best SW gift you recieved?

    I walked into my 4th grade classroom this morning to find the LEGO Jedi Starfighter on my desk!!! One of my students had been in Florida and picked one up for me. How cool is that!?!?!?

    That led me to start thinking--
    What is the best Star Wars gift you ever received?

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    That's awesome! I am not really good with this sort of thing, (sometimes I don't even remember what someone gave me) but here goes:

    - Entire core cast of figures and an X-wing back in '82 or early '83 from my Grandma.

    - Riddell Darth Vader mini-helmet from a friend.

    - LEGO Millennium Falcon from same grandma, last year.
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    well I've got 2
    the first one: vintage luke in stormtrooper disguise loose
    I got it from a friend (who got his toys from his older brother) when I was 8 - about 1994
    with that toy I was really "introduced" into starwars

    the second one:1995 chewbacca
    I got that from another friend who started buying the new starwars stuff
    that chewie was the reason I started collecting the new toys soon after I got him I of course bought the stormie and so on...

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    I've had several...The vintage Ewok village, Millenium Falcon and Y-wing, (My parents gave me those for Ctmas...waaaaay back in 84).

    More recently my wife...(g/f at that time...hehehe) gave me the Royal Naboo Cruiser. My oldest Broccoli gave me the new Falcon. And my middle Bro, used to order Sw figures on the net for me.

    I cant complain!!!
    As always...........L

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    Since I am a miserly cheap guy by nature, I'd say that any SW related gift that cost over $20 is a favorite of mine. That would include a transforming Double Takes MM Action Base, Action Fleet Hoth and Death Star Playsets and a few others that I have forgot to name. As someone who is still going to school, any SW gift is appreciated. Case in point, my mother came home with an R2-Q5 yesterday she found at Ames. I didn't really request it, but she overheard me saying earlier that I might ask for one for my birthday. Moms, gotta love them!
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    Back in 1980, when I was in second grade, our church had my family on the "poor people list" so we recieved donated gifts from members of the church. My brother and I recieved about 50 different presents, but most notably one giant box which contained: all 12 original figures except for Han Solo, an X-Wing, a TIE Fighter and the Death Star playset. It was what started me and my brother collecting Star Wars.

    Every year I try to return the favor and donate a bunch of Star Wars toys to "Toys for Tots" or another worthwhile toy drive.
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    I rememer my German grandma letting me have what ever I wanted from TRU when I was 8 (1978). I couldn't decide between the TIE fighter, x-wing, or landspeeder so she gave me all three! Thanks OMA!!!

    My brother also got me the original carded (.0000 or .0001) Gungan Warrior off ebay when it was one-per-case for XMas in 2000.
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    No one gets me SW stuff for gifts b/c they don't know what I have. But the two things that were giving to me that were great was my sister-in-law worked at a movie theater in California, PA at the time of the re-release. She brought me home a Star Wars Trilogy T-shirt that has about 30 character across the front and the three movie logos on the back. Its the best. I wear it so often I think I put a hole in it . The other cool thing I got was from my store manager at work. It was around the release of TPM. Frito-Lay came in to set up a display. It was my day off. The next day when I came in, on my workbench sat a black Frito-Lay SW TPM hat and a black polo shirt of the same. A note was attached that said "I knew you were off today and I know you would have wanted these." I went up and thanked him profusly. It was the best thing any boss could have done for me. It showed he truely cared and took an intrest in me. or maybe it was all the pre-movie crap he heard from me
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    Nobody ever buys me anything either. I have to buy it myself.

    The best thing I've evet bought myself though was a set of 12 backs. In October of 99 I bought a set at a flea market for about the same price as a good used Hyundai.
    Thanks Darion, Lars and Kal.

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    I would have to say when I got all the figures and vehicles in '95 for my birthday/Christmas (they're in the same month) presents. :happy:
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