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    General Lando figure

    Hi out there in customville!! Just a question I was hoping someone could answer. Has anyone tried to switch legs on the general lando figure, and if you have with who?? And if youve made a better general Lando what other figures did you use?? Thanks

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    i guess not!!! Oh well I guess Im stuck with this weird lookin figure the way he is!!!

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    Amanamike,I haven't yet tried to fixed this one yet. I don't have one of the bespin guards yet so I'm not sure. But do the legs match Lando's? If so maybe you can swap those if the uniforms match. If you have one of the guards let me know if they will work and I'll get one and try it myself.
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    If you are reffering to the bespin guard that was packed byhimself then I have about 10 of him. If its the one in the CFC then I only have the one

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    The FC Bespin Guard's legs were just Han Carbo legs. I've seen General Lando customs which have the waist and arms switched with the Han w/ Carbonite chamer figure's parts, they look pretty good.
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