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    They released the full trailer today. I watched it on youtube and its really heightened my anticipation. Its definitely got an "ALIEN" feel to it, which shouldn't be surprising. The trailer lays out the plot while, hopefully, keeping some surprises for the actual release. This is the most anticipated movie of the year for me. I hope it lives to my expectations.

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    Ditto that sentiment. It ties in with the Alien universe, especially the "space jockey" race, w/o being a direct prequel. The eggs may have been an experiment gone totally, cosmically awry. We may look at the warrior aliens differently after Prometheus. I'm stoked for June 8th.
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    Yeah, you definitely get the impression that humans are somehow involved in the creation of the xenomorph.

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    Excellent final trailer, if it's the last one made before the film is released. :P
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    From what I've read, I'm glad its not going to be just another ALIEN movie. There is not a whole lot of mystery left in the creature itself. We all know what it looks like and what it does. It would end up being a "meh" kind of movie if they tried to do it that way. I don't expect it to be shocking and disturbing like the first one was. I am hoping it will be very mysterious and eerie.

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    I can't wait... for those annoying commercials to end! That howl/screech hurts my mind! They even had trailers running on the observatory's video feed of yesterday's Venus transit, but didn't connect it to the astronomical event going on.

    Oh, the movie does look pretty cool. Sounds? Not so cool.

    Spoiler: I predict it will be the same alien civilization from Indiana Jones & the Crystal Skull. Or Mars Attacks!
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    This started out as a script for an official prequel to Aliens. It was originally going to explain the ship they find in the first film. Then it morphed into something else. Probably because that story would have been limiting and prequels have been done to death.

    It's sort of a pre-prequel. They said it "takes place in the same universe as Aliens".

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    I think it's safe to say this movie takes place in the "Alien" universe with some of the familiar elements, but it's not an exact prequel to the first movie.

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    The local store put out Prometheus one day ahead of schedule, so I bought it and watched it again tonight. I still really like this movie and it seems the more I watch it, the more I enjoy it.


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