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Thread: Prometheus

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    Yeah, Peter Weyland's old man makeup was the one eyesore on an otherwise beautiful looking movie. It immediately reminded me of Johnny Knoxville doing his old man routine in the Jackass movies.

    If you were expecting to be shocked and disturbed as you were back in 79 when the original came out, then I can see why people would be disappointed in Prometheus. But, I think in this day and age, its much more difficult to shock an audience like that since they are much more sophisticated then they were back then. I think I went into this movie with the right expectations and ended up really enjoying it.

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    So is this movie actually a prequel to the Alien franchise? I've heard different things about that. If it is, then I'm definitely interested in seeing it. If not, then I'll just wait for DVD.
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    I think I heard Ridley Scott say that this is an Alien prequel. However, it is not an Alien movie in that you have xenomorphs coming after people. It has the feel and the look of Alien, but it is more of a traditional sci-fi type of movie(exploring unknown worlds). BigB, if you do decide to see it, I'd recommend finding a 2d showing of it. 3d is not worth the extra money.

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    This started out as a script for an official prequel to Aliens. It was originally going to explain the ship they find in the first film. Then it morphed into something else. Probably because that story would have been limiting and prequels have been done to death.

    It's sort of a pre-prequel. They said it "takes place in the same universe as Aliens".

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    I think it's safe to say this movie takes place in the "Alien" universe with some of the familiar elements, but it's not an exact prequel to the first movie.

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    The local store put out Prometheus one day ahead of schedule, so I bought it and watched it again tonight. I still really like this movie and it seems the more I watch it, the more I enjoy it.


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