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    By all means JT, feel free to share that suggestion toy list with Hasbro at Comic-con. I'd like to hear their reaction/reply about it.
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    Remind me around June of this thread and I just might.
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    They have

    Nom Anor (multiple figures up to 4 or 5 of him maybe)

    Kithaba (multiple figures up to 4 of him or maybe more)

    The Nikto Skiff Guard (perhaps a few)

    Galen Marek (maybe 1-2)

    The Female Bounty Hunter (maybe 1-2) - She's useful as Siri Tachi, Obi-Wan's adolescent Jedi girlfriend, right? Years later in Jedi Quest when he's training Anakin, he re-encounters Siri. The problem is, she's undercover investigating a slaver gang and the Slaver captain is someone Anakin knew to be cruel to him and his mother when he was a toddler. Anakin sets out on a course to murder him (and he does) as Obi-Wan loses control of the situation, partially distracted by Siri. Of course, in the end, everything is made to look like Anakin's kill was justified. Most of us would say it was, but probably not the Jedi Council.

    And that's about all I'm interested in.
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    Any ewoks, Taym Dren-Garen, Sgt. Doallyn, Sim Aloo, any other rotj figures that have not been made yet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JediTricks View Post
    Hey, welcome back! Good taste.

    Sucks to hear about your collection, I totally feel the same way right now after my move, it really is rough to feel as stronlgy once it's not easy to display.
    Thanks JT! I disappeared again there because a whole bunch of great news for Terminator fans (my other favourite series) happened to come the very day I posted what you responded to here.

    But anyway yeah you nailed it there. A collection out of sight is kinda out of mind aswell. And I have no expectation of being able to display it again any time soon. Nevertheless I want to keep up with all the obscure OT characters and if Hasbro ever make them - a larger desert Skiff and Jabbas Sailbarge. Pretty much no point in me buying anymore X-wings and snowspeeders etc. Vehicle reissues I'll probably skip from now on.

    I've got Kithaba, Evazan and the new Hoth Luke on the way from BBTS and I'm thrilled that we're getting a new Weequay hunter and the vintage.....nikto? (I can't remember please no one kill me )


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