Thinking about the line the way it is right now, I realize they've done almost everybody I could want in modern quality, and the recent waves don't have a lot of "wow! I gotta have that!" figures, just dutiful figures that really don't fire my passion. Part of that is the price increase to $9 / $10, figures I might have wanted to track down are no longer so compelling at such a high price.

So I wonder, which figures - both coming in the foreseeable future, and those who haven't been announced yet - would I really be excited to see coming out in this line?

Here's some off-the-cuff thoughts:

  • 2-1B
  • the new Starkiller figure coming soon
  • shorter Luke Stormtrooper with a better head sculpt
  • exploded gimmicks R2-D2 based on the new, more accurate sculpt (almost any new R2 based on that sculpt would be welcome, I suppose)
  • a good new ANH Han
  • a good new ANH Leia
  • a good new ESB Lando with a good removable cloak
  • any Vader with better soft goods! (and better sculpting on the helmet, the upcoming ANH one's helmet sculpt isn't quite thrilling for me though)
  • Weequay
  • a new, much better ROTJ Emperor Palpatine
  • a new, better 3PO
  • maybe Uncle Owen, maybe not, I don't even know at this point how much I'd want that

And I think that's it. What about yours? And I mean EXCITED about, not just "yeah, I'd like to get that", not dutifully interested, really excited about.