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    Article: Custom Star Wars Guitars

    I feel a great disturbance in the Force.

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    Somehow I think the Kenner Y-wing isn't going to have the best tone and resonance and ergonomics, but hey, at least he did something fun. He's also got a B-wing with pilot figure, and a Millennium Falcon he says is made from a model kit but the cockpit looks like the Kenner one. The one made from a cricket bat looks like a good backpacker.

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    That is totally the Kenner toy. The part he opened on the side of the Falcon is where you used to put the batteries into it. And when he turned it over you could see where the three landing gear were. That was the toy not a model kit that he converted.

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    Good eye. If I had watched the video, it is immediately clear that it's the Kenner Falcon, the hatch seam for the back is super obvious and it's the very first thing you see in the whole vid. Also, I didn't think about it, but the exhaust circles on top rear are stickers, not sculpted. He's clearly not claiming it's a model, I think the article author mistook what he was saying, he even mentions there's a SW figure inside it.


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