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    Question How much is that preview figure in the window?

    After reading the W-M/preview fig. thread and seeing that so many of these figures are being released without having their price listed in the computer I want to know how much they are supposed to cost. I thought either SirSteve or JT wrote that they would be less than $6 but I maybe confused with something else.

    Jayspawn said he paid $6.44 for his and I did too since I didn't want to have to find out from the manager and possibly have them returned promptly to the stockroom.

    Does anyone know how much?
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    The price POTJ figures, and if you remember the price on them was pushed up to $6.44 at WM awhile back.
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    I got one of each. Only one of them rung up at $6.44 and of course I got them all at that price.
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    They had trouble getting my to ring up at the register. I ended up paying POTJ price - $6.44. Oh well, I'm just glad I found them in the store.
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