I found this Aurra Sing (Discover The Force) card hiding about 10 deep on a peg this past Friday at my local WM in So Cal. The bottom of the card (where the card meets the bubble) is compromised. The 3D glasses which are missing, look as if the were removed with the help of a utility knife. There is also some foul play on that side regarding the card and bubble. They are intact but it looks as if an adhesive may have been used to bond them back together. The two other sides of the bubble are un-tampered and intact.

Although some original accessories are included, this item is missing:
Game Die
Game Card
Display Base

Also missing are her (2) Blasters. In each of their place is what looks to be a 3/4" piece of white rubber. The clear tape and bubble in which they rest in do not appear compromised.

I have not opened this item...yet.

Upon further look from the underside that has the broken seam, The bottom on this figure's right foot reads, "Hasbro China" / left foot, "1999 LFL"

Obviously, this is not an Aurra Sing figure. I am not sure what to think of this find either. I would like help identifying which figure this actually is as well as inquire with some of the more experienced collectors as to why there are some anomalies surrounding this item. Is it unpainted? Is it a prototype? Is it a hoax? Is it a factory error?

Thanks in advance.

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