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    do you think walmart will put the stuff out at 12am?....hehe i made sure and asked for tomorrow off just for this day
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    I just want to wish you all good luck. I hear that Jango Fett (Final Battle), Bespin Luke & Vader, and Mace Windu might be available. They were found at Midnight Madness overseas.
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    Well what a day! I found all the figures except for Dooku :-P ...I went to about 10 different walmarts and k-marts tryin to find him no luck tho...Out of all the places i went to the Geonosian Warrior and Dexter Jettster were the rarest finds...If anyone knows where a Dooku is or has one they wanna part with for a good price let me know
    Watch your mouth kid or ya gonna find yourself floating home

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    hey found everything except dooku too. went to the following

    walmart glenwood
    toyrus glenwood
    kmart 6 forks
    walmart falls
    kmart capital
    walmart knightdale
    walmart durham/roxboro rd
    kmart durham/roxboro rd
    kohls falls

    26 figs/4 deluxe/slave 1/2 speeders/reek/all legos

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    just got back from Dunn Walmart....still no dooku arrrg....
    Im goin coocoo for dooku damit!!! LOL ...They did have a snowspeeder with Dak...that was cool hadnt seen that anywhere else.
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    Ive seen no Dooku or Qui Gon jinn ever thing else around Charlotte seems easy too find and this was around 5pm today so i figure most already got what they wanted.
    I did find a Jango Fett with Unpainted Visor that was cool.

    P.S. I don't see Count Dooku on back of any package either
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    yea i didnt see any qui gons either....alotta people told me that there were only 2 or 3 Dookus out of 12 or 13 CASES ...Thats insane it sux that they short pack them like that :-P ..Im goin the ebay route now...I waitin for one at a good price..
    Watch your mouth kid or ya gonna find yourself floating home

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    If you need a Dooku I might be able to get you one. There was at least one more on the shelf when I left Wal-Mart Greenville. He's an ok figure.
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    Yoda:"Watch Me!"

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    cary toysrus had some dookus. only place around that i heard. don't know if there are anymore.

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    My Wal Mart had a ton. I am talking 10-15 at least. Toys R Us in Durham had a few as well. I picked up 3 of them, so I could open one of them. Not a bad figure. Cant wait for his 12 inch version.
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