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    does your luke have the bloody rist jedibill? i heard thats a really rare find...mine does...there was only one luke at my walmart too
    just got my dooku today too! hehe ebay...but o well
    Watch your mouth kid or ya gonna find yourself floating home

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    its the bloody wrist .

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    Jedibill, I hope you're not that guy I ran into last night at the Glenwood Walmart who lied to me about there being no more Bespin Lukes left.

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    dont even know were glenwood is.

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    Good to hear that. Glenwood Walmart got one case of Luke Bespin and this guy tells me all the figures were banged up. I said that's OK because I open them, but he nervously replied that there was only one of each left, so he said he was gonna get them. Then the cashier tells me that he bought all of the same figures, so I knew he was lying to me. What a loser!

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    the dark side i sense in the walmart employees
    Watch your mouth kid or ya gonna find yourself floating home

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    I see we have someone else from Rebelscum. How's it going Blimpyboy. I've been slack on posting here. Been working me arse off at the bank. They had the new Collection 2 figures in at Wal-Mart Greenville. They sold out quickly though. Even Qui-Gon was snatched up. No sign of Bespin wav. Then again I've been slack. Hey, anybody know the closest Wal-Mart to Greenville that might have the figs? Ok, I'm out!
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    I can believe that they were all banged up The wal-mart in Gastonia were all but destroyed,funny thing i was there the night before and seen cases of starwars figures on the pallets i noticed a few cases were already opened so i quickly checked them out finding the Qui-gon jinn wave and then i nocited a case that ended with the #16 i knew that could be a Dooku case it was on top and unopened knowing how UNHELPFUL wal-mart employees I was going too open it real quick and try not too get beat up by wal-mart thugs but then i decided too ask some lady standing there if it would be ok for me too see what was in that case and she told me that she needed too stock it first (I was thinking well stock it then but anyway)I said ohhh okkk a started too walk away but then she asked if i would be in the store awhile and i said no i had too leave work come early (it was 11pm i had too be at work at 5am)anyway she finaly opened it for me an there was 2 dooku's inside i took both one for me and my 9 year old nephew any let me get back too my point all those Star Wars cases looked in great shape too me all the figure in the opened cases were fine but the next day they were all Damaged so i think the Wal-Mart Employees sre doing just like some toysrus people do which I NO FOR FACT THEY DO.

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    Everyone got their midnight tickets?? I'm going to Raleigh Grand. I got the Orn Free Ta wave at Walmart in Cary on Friday. Someone got my a bloody stump Luke. Funny thing, everyone I've talked to has this one and no one has seen the plain one. hmmmm. Glenwood Walmart had 2 Qui-Gon's yesterday and some Royal Guards.

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    I am waiting to go to the show later in the day. I moved from Roxboro and we have a new theater up there that is showing the movie. I am meeting some friends up there for a 5pm and 10pm show.
    Wal-Mart on Roxboro Rd in Durham had Qui Gon, Orn Free Taa and Endor Soldier on Friday. I picked up the Qui Gon and Orn Free Taa but skipped on the Endor soldier. He looks too much like the Gi Joes I have.
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