I have to double-check my list to see if this is one I'd always planned to order.

[Crap! It is on my list. This is disturbing.]

Now it looks very nice and is a cool clone trooper (though I really want the Galactic Marine).

Here's the deal.

OK - it's great to save my money when I don't buy every figure. For example, I'm not in the market for the bounty hunters. My Hasbro ones are very nice, thank you.

So you can save $$$ by not ordering.

Second is space.

I don't have the cash for the IKEA detolf right now, but when I do, it's supposed to have [on one shelf!] Obi-Wan (SS) Grievous (H), Cody (SS), and the Utopau Clone (SS). I have all these figures already and in action poses, they take up all the room on a detolf shelf that I think I can spare.

I think I should skip this one - but he's so cool looking!

Anyway, I'm going to try and skip him.