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    2012 Wave 4

    I was too impatient to wait for this wave to start showing up in stores (especially after getting delayed 10 months for no reason at all), so I ordered one loose and one carded set off of Ebay.

    For the most part, they all look really good. I'm not too interested in Nom Anor, so I'll probably be looking to trade or sell him off pretty soon here. I have both a loose and a carded version of him.

    Anyways, after such a long wait, I can happily say that Kithaba, Dr. Evazan and Aayla Secura were worth every minute of it:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Aayla wasn't even one of the figures that I was really excited about, but she still turned out amazing. She's really tall, though, when you compare her up to a figure like Leia or most of the other female action figures in the line. In fact, Slave Leia barely comes up to the bottom of Aayla's chin.

    After so many years of campaigning for a Kithaba figure, it's a little weird to actually hold him in my hands. My loose figure doesn't have a painted neck, but I'm not sure if that's a problem with all of them. It's hard to tell if the neck on my carded Kithaba is painted. Either way, it's not a big problem, because his head casts enough of a shadow that you barely even notice the lack of paint on his neck and it's something I can fix pretty easily later on. Regardless, he turned out perfect. 10 years of campaigning feels like it totally paid off. I also don't even mind the cardback image so much now that I have it in hand. I still wouldn't mind it being replaced with an actual photo of Kithaba, though.

    Dr. Evazan is pretty awesome as well. Although he felt like more of a dutiful purchase than anything else; but I have no complaints whatsoever with how the figure turned out.

    The 501st Clonetrooper actually looks pretty good if you lift his helmet off of his neck a bit. I also turned his head around so you don't see his chin poking out from under the helmet. I'll probably use some blu-tac to get the helmet to stay where I want it.

    BTW, I looked but didn't see a dedicated thread for this wave, so I took the liberty of starting one. If a thread already exists, then please merge them together.
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    I was impatient as well and ordered a couple cases off of BBTS. This is a busy time of year for me plus with questionable distribution, its much easier to just preorder it for a little more($120 per case) and not have to worry about finding it later. I got the revision case so I have less figures to unload. This was one wave I didn't want to miss out on.

    Dr. Evazan and Kithaba are the two that I'm looking forward to the most. I've been wanting a proper Dr. E. for a long time and it looks like I can cross him off my list. You're right about Aayla as well BigB. She is probably the surprise figure of the wave. This wave will be in high demand.

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    What'd they do to Evazan's face? He is probably the least attractive SW character ever, and that includes Malakili or Hermi O. But it's a good representation of the messed-up-ness of him.
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    Well that was fast! BBTS sent an email saying preorder has arrived and has been processed. It was originally supposed to ship in May, so this was a pleasant surprise.

    The uglier Evazan's face is, the better!!

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    Mine shipped as well. Picked up an extra evazan from them so I don't have to worry about tracking it down.

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    Nice get. Aayla does look quite a bit better than previous iterations, even if I also don't care about the figure. Kithaba looks good, sucks about the neck paint, but otherwise decent.

    Then there's that Evazan with the skinny neck, narrow chin, winky bad eye paint, high forehead, and near-smiling expression. I know he's barely in the films, and that this is a huge update after so long, but... well, that pic just reinforces what I've been fearing from previous pictures, that they missed him in the little things.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing, glad you got your figure after so much time!
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