Hey All,

As some of you may know I am presently working on a Hoth Rebel/Republic base that I will try to incorporate both vintage & prequel figures. However I require some assistance with a few accessories for the base. I need to get 2 to 3 tactical screens, (command center) 2 pieces of the jedi council base pieces (no need for figures or chairs) so I can use them for a ceiling fixture design, and any crates/boxes (3 3/4 inch size) that can be used in various areas of the diorama. I have items for trade such as a loose Famba & Ronto. I also have carded a Sacul (for tactical screens only), Silver Fetts, Vaders & R2's & some cinema scene packs like Jedi spirits & purchase of the droids along with many other loose & carded items. Any help would be greatly appreciated.