Well it is official. My Apple addiction continues to grow.

After purchasing an iPod touch (4th generation) and experiencing the iOS 5 platform I soon decided to take the plunge and bought an iPhone 4S. Then came the release of the new iPad which I gladly bought on release day.

Last week I went ahead and bought an Apple TV.

So far so good. My only real issue was with renting movies. I rented "The Iron Lady" in HD and it took forever to download/stream. Not really a fault of Apple TV. More like a slow Internet connection. However I did notice that my blu-ray player which has Vudu seems to stream okay.

I also noticed that my iTunes movies, from my library, played well without the long wait. I'm not sure if that is because it streams from my computer or if it still streams from iTunes but at a lower bit rate. I did not notice a significant difference in quality but there was a significant difference in speed.

On a side note, my iPad has been great for work. I use it daily and love it!