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    Apple Addiction!

    Well it is official. My Apple addiction continues to grow.

    After purchasing an iPod touch (4th generation) and experiencing the iOS 5 platform I soon decided to take the plunge and bought an iPhone 4S. Then came the release of the new iPad which I gladly bought on release day.

    Last week I went ahead and bought an Apple TV.

    So far so good. My only real issue was with renting movies. I rented "The Iron Lady" in HD and it took forever to download/stream. Not really a fault of Apple TV. More like a slow Internet connection. However I did notice that my blu-ray player which has Vudu seems to stream okay.

    I also noticed that my iTunes movies, from my library, played well without the long wait. I'm not sure if that is because it streams from my computer or if it still streams from iTunes but at a lower bit rate. I did not notice a significant difference in quality but there was a significant difference in speed.

    On a side note, my iPad has been great for work. I use it daily and love it!
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    Oh man, I wish you had consulted with us before pulling the trigger on the iphone, only because the iphone development cycle is likely just 5 or 6 weeks away from the iphone 5 and either you could get that or get a better price on the 4S.

    Other than that, man they have got you bad, I'm totally shocked at the purchase of the Apple TV device just because I thought the iphone and the ipad could both video-out and are the same thing, and you have a blu-ray player with internet. Glad you're having fun though, even if you are so badly in the Apple Cult now.

    I don't see a "mac" in there anywhere though, don't their computers count?

    For me, ever since I got the Galaxy Tab 8.9 last month, I've almost entirely divested myself of my ipod touch v4, now it's basically around for web development work alone and to act as a tertiary Pandora / Amazon MP3 server to my speakers when I don't want to lose use of my tablet or phone (I guess that's a good enough reason for you to buy the Apple TV along those same lines of thinking). My poor niece is super sprung on the tablet, I had her over last week and she was drooling, apparently kept bugging my sister about it after they went home. She's 14 and already had her ipad 1 taken away by her father for bad grades, her grades have since gone WAY up (from fails and near-fails to nearly all As) I theorized it's because of the lack of that distraction but she tells me it's mostly focus so she can get a new tablet. Up until recently that tablet was going to be another ipad, but now she's all up for an Android one and specifically the Tab 8.9.
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    I was predicting June/July time frame for the new iPhone. But I bought mine back in February and didn't really want to wait that long. Biggest new feature will probably be 4G and the 4G coverage around here is horrible, so I'm not really worried about it. Most of the other rumors don't really impress me enough to wait for the latest and greatest either.

    As for the Apple TV, you need one to use the AirPlay feature from the iPhone/iPad, plus I like the seemless integration with iTunes and iCloud (iTunes match). Apple TV also has WSJ Live, photo stream, dual screen gaming, etc.

    It just offers a bunch of cool little features, it was easy for me to justify the $99 price tag. Besides I have a lot of movies in iTunes as I tend to buy blu-ray/DVD/Digital copy versions of movies.

    Apple cult, yes, Mac cult, no. It's really the iOS 5 I love so much and all the features Apple has built into it, like iTunes integration which has so far worked really well.

    I hear rumor that the new OS X will be more closely related to iOS which just might be enough for me to look at picking up a Mac mini. We will see. I kinda like the idea of having a Mac mini I can just plug my keyboard and monitor into without dealing with the typical hassle of owning a second computer. I can just plop it down on the desk and switch it out easily when I feel like playing around on the Mac. Again, that will depend on the new OS.

    By and large I am a Windows 7 guy, a Mac might be fun as it would be something new and different, but it would be more of a novalty than anything else and not something I would be prepared to spend a lot of money on. Which is another advantage to buying a Mac mini. Typical Apple hardware is expensive, while a Mac mini is much more reasonably priced. A new Mac mini can be had for $599 and there are a lot of companies out there that sell RAM upgrades for much less than Apple charges.

    Anyway, I'm still not sold on the Mac, time will tell. Right now I have more important things to spend my money and time on.
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    I don't know why I thought you said you just bought the iphone 4s, clearly in re-reading you didn't say that. Feb is ok. I wouldn't trust the first iphone with 4g even if you had good coverage, I'd wait until the second just because the existing iphone's sealed battery will probably not last long on their first try on a 4g LTE system I'd think and they'd need to go back to the drawing board on the battery and LTE chip. The only reason I generally use my crappy Sprint 4g (non-LTE, it's wimax, yuck) is because I have a user-changeable extended battery to fall back on.

    It's funny, this morning I was reflecting on this thread and what I said about my ipod, and I think iOS5 is actually the second reason I use it less - it offered nothing terribly useful on the ipod touch, but even with the battery situation fixed it's still hungrier than iOS4 and it's less responsive, it has little hangs and lags on what's supposed to be nearly top-tier hardware for the OS, the ipod touch 4. I'm guessing it's more the ipad 3 and the 4S you got are better representatives for the OS. I personally have had enough of the "change OSes to the next thing, oh but your hardware doesn't work sorry you suck" from my Windows days, I still use my XP computer and it's faster at some jobs than any Windows 8 machine could be.

    I almost picked up the original Mac Mini when it came out back in the day, the pricetag and universal keyboard, mouse, and monitor adaptability made it tempting, but I ended up passing - I don't remember why, probably the $500 for another computer when I didn't need another computer.

    Funny how your computer world is so different from your iOS world, and that iOS integration is what you're looking for in any sort of Mac.
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    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JediTricks View Post
    I almost picked up the original Mac Mini when it came out back in the day, the pricetag and universal keyboard, mouse, and monitor adaptability made it tempting, but I ended up passing - I don't remember why, probably the $500 for another computer when I didn't need another computer.

    Funny how your computer world is so different from your iOS world, and that iOS integration is what you're looking for in any sort of Mac.
    Yeah the $599 price tag is still a bit much for me to justify right now, though with my recent promotion and pay increase it may be easier to swing. Still, like you said, I don't really need another computer.

    I find my computer world is changing drastically. Tim Cook mentioned in his keynote address for the new iPad that the entire industry is changing, and he's right. It's becoming more personal, more mobile, etc. He called it the "post pc world".

    Consider 80% of hospitals in the U.S. are now using tablet computers either full time or as a pilot program. It is literally revolutionizing my entire career field. Doctors can access secure patient medical records, review digital medical images, etc. Medical equipment mfg's are also getting on board. Sonosite (which makes ultrasound equipment) has applied for a patent to attach ultrasound transducers to iPads, thus eliminating the usual hardware associated with such machines in favor of smaller more compact and less expensive equipment. The same is happening with blood pressure machines, vital signs monitors, EKC machines, remote patient monitoring, and on and on!!! It's very exciting for me!!!

    On the flip side, I am not currently working in a clinical environment but will be on the academic side of things very soon. I head down to Fort Sam in August to become an Instructor.

    Another huge advantage to these mobile computing platforms is the application development. There are millions of apps across the Android and iOS platforms, some companies have developed their own specific apps for their mobile platforms. This really allows people/businesses to customize how they do business.

    Personally, my iPad has taken the place of my leather bound notebook, which I used to take with me everywhere. It's smaller and weighs about the same (even with the clear back protector and smart cover). Yet it does SO much more. I can set appointments, make notes, access documents, etc. and everything is sync'd between my iPhone and iPad, so if I happen to be caught without my iPad I have my iPhone as a backup with all the same information. My iPad is the second most productive tool I have at work and that's just because the Army uses an essentially closed system and I can not access my work Outlook e-mail from my iOS devices, or digitally sign documents. But it is a VERY close second. I can still access my AKO e-mail with my iOS devices.

    iOS integration with my "computer" is a must for the future. I already use my personal computer to update information via iCloud, dropbox, etc. and it is an invaluable tool, but is could be better, more integrated. For example, if I update a document, I have to upload it to the cloud (and if I'm smart delete the older version) or put the latest version into dropbox (and again delete the old version). In the future I would love the ability to access any document from my computer and have it automatically update and sync across all my devices.

    Yeah, iPad changes least for me.

    As for the hardware issues you mentioned, you are correct. My wife inherited my 4th gen. iPod touch when I bought my iPhone and it is slower I've noticed the annoying lags. My iPhone and iPad on the other hand are fast and fluid.
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    I bought a new 27" iMac a couple of weeks ago, along with a Wacom tablet and Photoshop CS5 (I'm supposed to get a free upgrade to CS6 when it comes out, but I'm not sure if I will - CS5 does everything I need right now). I can't say that I'm particularly devoted to Mac (since my smartphone in an Android), but I know the Mac OS so well that I didn't feel like changing things up now.

    I'm still trying to get used to the amount of screen "real estate" on this new computer. But it's a nice change actually having more space than I need when working on a drawing, rather than constantly having to zoom out or scroll around just so I can see everything.
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    I was looking for one of the threads where we were all talking about iOS and Android and whatnot, but am posting in this one instead because I see my comments mention my niece's addiction to her iPad, as well as comments on my iPod Touch.

    My iPod Touch had a very annoying problem where it constantly would report battery life changes up and down, 20%, 60%, 20%, 90%, for months, it was madness. I bought a Squaretrade warranty on it and filed a claim, they had me take it to the local Apple store in August. That August visit, the guy gets out an ipad and the ipad cannot diagnose the problem, he recommends updating ios5 to ios6's then-current state (6.1.3) and see if that helps. If that doesn't work, he says I can come back and get an out-of-warranty exchange for $99 to a refurbished unit with brand new screen, back, and battery. My Squaretrade warranty will cover the $99 so I figure I'll try to save them money, but expect to be back. I do said update and it doesn't help, but now the device is nearly hopeless because it has so little RAM left to work with that apps may look smoother but are crashing more often.

    After giving it some time, I re-file the claim and go in on Tuesday. The "genius" zygote I get seems to have that "I'm always having a bad day" attitude I expect from other industries but not Apple. She takes my ipod, goes to a computer, comes back a few minutes later telling me the problem is THE OPERATING SYSTEM. Apparently during the update from ios4 to 5, something in the kernel got messed up, and from 5 to 6 didn't fix it and cannot. They will not fix my problem at Apple for any money despite their update causing it, but the "fix" is just to wipe out my ipod and start over fresh. This doesn't sound right, but she assures me it is. So I ask about my app data, it's kind of important seeing as it's basically a smartphone and that data is important to me: from Angry Birds scores to vital work material. That seems like a pretty easy problem to fix, right? If it were my PC it'd be cake, if it were my Android devices it'd be minimal trouble. NO! WRONG! She comes down on me hard, if I restore the ipod from previous data that data is part of the operating system and cannot be separated out from the damage, they go hand in hand. WTF??? I know for a fact that there are 3rd party apps that can at least remove app data individually from itunes backups, yet Apple cannot pull that data out and fix the os, then put it back in? That really made me upset, I pointed out that starting fresh is a real inconvenience and that the os damage has caused undue wear on my ipod, I'd like a replacement via out-of-warranty exchange, and she shoots that down. WTFx2?!??!? She and I exchange the "much more serious" tones of voice that business boiling to a head get, and since she has the power and I've got to get to another appointment in an hour, I take my ipod and go outside to cool off.

    At that point, I realize I do have plenty of time, so I call Squaretrade seeing if they want to deal with this somehow, the ST rep I get is so incensed at what he hears that he's actively angry - not at me, at the store for allowing this. He's dealt with Apple a million times and never heard such galling things, he explains there's no such clause in the terms and conditions, has me walk into the store to find the nearest ipad and look it up to be sure. He's fired up, and at first I'm not feeling it but he gets me fired up too, I storm into the store only to find all the ipads have been locked down, none of their home keys will let me use them, and now I've got the ST rep as mad as I am. Finally I get to a giant mac and go to the address the rep wants me to see, and sure enough there's no such thing in their T&Cs, the "genius" girl was just being obstinate. I'm now ready to complete my battle with anybody in the "Genius Bar" who wants to throw down, and the ST rep is still fuming so he asks if I want him to stay on the phone, but I tell him it's cool and I've got this. I go up to the greeter and she tries to make me an appointment for half an hour from then, I shoot that down cold. She gets me set up at the table I was at before, sitting across from the "genius" girl I had before while she finishes up with another customer. I tell her what I want, period, she argues but now in front of other "geniuses" and the greeter flags over the supervisor. At first the supervisor listens to what we each have to say and starts to agree with his "genius" girl, at that point I put on the "aww hellllll no!" business voice, and those of you who know me in person may not have heard that voice before, but even at low volume it's booming and can be intimidating. The girl tries one last argument and the supervisor realizes she's in the wrong when he hears me say the magic words: "terms and conditions", he cuts her off mid-sentence and uses his floweriest, most professional, friendly Apple voice to give me the exchange I requested at the price I was agreeing to pay - the one in their T&Cs. Then he has to go off and make sure it's in stock, and meanwhile the girl is shooting daggers at me, super great customer work there Apple. He comes back and they're out of stock, will order it and it'll be in within 3 days. Wah wah, boy was I surprised at that point.

    The tail of this story is that the replacement came in a day later, but I had errands to run, and then my car's starter died and I had to take it to the shop. The car is done the next day, this last Thursday, but I don't go into that store because I thought Thursday was the launch of the new iphones. So my plan is to go in Friday morning since they told me I have only 5 days to pick it up, and that would take me through to Sunday, weekends being hell in Century City mall. My girl and I are talking about our days and when she hears this, she tells me that FRIDAY is the launch day, that there have been arrests at the Pasadena Apple Store because of the madness, yikes! I decide to brave the launch day anyhoo because I am used to Comic-Con I guess, so I go down after lunch and there is a line, I bypass it and go to the greeter who puts me in a separate line of one, they give me an escort person to take me right in to the genius bar, take care of as much as possible, apparently all regular business that day gets that treatment whenever possible because of the new phone craziness, that's pretty slick. The escort messes up my info with the genius bar greeter, but she and I straighten it out and instead of me getting an appointment in an hour, she's able to figure out I don't need an appointment and she radios the back room, within 5 minutes I've exchanged my ipod touch, paid the $99, and am out the door. BTW, the Apple Store doesn't validate for parking - millions of dollars of merch moved in that store and they won't drop a buck for the customer.

    The room was full and electric with people poking touchscreens, but few actually seemed to be buying iphones, perhaps they were waiting in queue, the genius bar itself was stacked with hundreds of colorful iphone 5C and 5S models, but white (5C) and gold (5S) were sold out apparently, the employees were just kinda standing behind the bar looking a lot like in that Futurama episode, "Attack of the Killer App", except without customers to serve. While I was waiting to have a genius get my replacement equipment, a line formed behind me randomly guessing I was the head of the line for the new iphones, and there was a couple being surprisingly blase' and clueless about the whole thing, it was funny to hear their entitled thoughts about the event - I eventually stepped out so they could get help when I realized they were causing half a dozen people to form a queue for nothing.

    Annnnyway, as for the rest of the Apple Addiction conversation, my niece has fallen out of love with ios and her ipad. The ipad gets used for schoolwork but she doesn't seem to use it to occupy her free time otherwise, it doesn't house her music. Her ipod touch is cracked to hell but she does use it for music when she remembers it, I got her a dock boombox/shelf system and she gets some use out of it but also uses any ol' MP3 player on it, she's not brand-loyal the way she used to be.

    My sister ended up getting an iphone 4 when the 5 came out, she needed a new smartphone and had heard Android handsets required the user to know more to use them. Since then, she's steadily grown her list of complaints about the iphone 4, the screen is too small, the apps are too limited, she doesn't have enough control over the device, the keyboard sucks, the battery life is horrible. Then I bought the Galaxy S4 to replace my aging Evo 4G, and finally that caused her to take notice of how easy to use my phone is, how big the screen is, how quick and accurate the swype keyboard is, how long the battery lasts, on and on like that. I gave her my old Evo 4g to try poking around the basics of Android with until she can get a new phone, and also since she's on Sprint she can swap in and out to it - at first the differences were too much for her, but now she's actually liked getting used to its larger screen and more freedom and better keyboard, however since that phone was 2 years old its battery is in no shape to carry her so for now she's sticking with the iphone 4, but she still complains regularly about it.

    My aunts both have ipads, one got the ipad 2 just 5 weeks before the 3 came out, and at my cousin's wedding several of my photos have big stupid ipads in the shots because they wanted to take photos too. I don't understand the need for tablet photography at all!
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    Wow, that was a long post.

    Sad to hear about the way you were treated, but it really seems to be the exception rather than the norm. With all the people out of work today, I can't say I'm surprised. People who probably shouldn't be working in customer service industry are taking whatever jobs they can find. :-(

    On a side note, my Apple addiction hasn't abated. Back in April I bought my son an iPad mini for his birthday. The wife wants an iPhone and we will probably get her a 5S in the near future. I may even upgrade from my 4S, I'm still on the fence.

    I'm not one of those addicts that has to have the latest greatest as soon as it comes out. In fact I've been so happy with my 4S that I have been hesitant to get the larger screen iPhone because my 4S seems to be the perfect size for me, I can hold it easily in one hand and operate it without any problem or without having to use 2 hands.

    One of the guys I work with has an Android phone with a monster screen and he doesn't really like it, saying he has to use 2 hands to do a lot of things and it doesn't fit in his pocket. Some in the media have taken to calling these large phones phablets (phone tablets). A screen can only become so big before it becomes obtrusive. I have a tablet for a reason, I don't need my phone for watching movies, taking notes, etc. That's not to say there isn't a use for them, my mom's eyesight has gotten pretty bad and she benefits from a larger screen.

    On a side note, I am looking forward to the new iPad, which is believed to be coming out soon (October reveal with a November release). I use the heck out of my iPad at work, I take notes, pictures, carry documents, etc. Yes I use my tablet to take pictures for work, mostly because it's convenient, I can take notes, shoot a picture and go back to taking notes. I also use it for taking short videos.

    Other things I use my iPad for include comic books, videos (iTunes movies/TV, Hulu Plus, Netflix, etc), web surfing, Facebook, Twitter, FaceTime, books, e-mail, magazines, games, etc.

    By and large my tablet is used for media consumption and as a productivity tool for work.

    Meanwhile my phone is used for more odds and ends. Sometimes I use it for music, but primarily I use it for those odd apps that just kinda make life easier, calculator, news feeds, weather, reminders, grocery lists, quick notes, pictures, youtube videos on the go, Congress in my pocket, TWC DVR scheduling, business cards and contacts, stop watch, QR codes, airline info, GPS/maps/Navigation, plus lots of other weird information to which I want access. Not to mention text messaging and phone calls. Of course I also use it to check updates on Facebook and Twitter during down time at work.

    I also have an Apple TV, which I use often. Last night I rented "The Colony" plus I buy a lot of blu-ray movies with iTunes copies. If there is a movie I want, but I don't want to go out and buy a physical copy I usually just buy it on iTunes. This is a big one for me because my library is HUGE and takes up a lot of space. I am trying to down size.
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    I still don't own a cell phone. My addictions are in other areas, like collectibles from a film saga. And meth.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bel-Cam Jos View Post
    I still don't own a cell phone. My addictions are in other areas, like collectibles from a film saga. And meth.
    And reading.


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