I didn't see a thread for this wave (and I promise, I did look) so I figured I'd start one since I got to open a few of these today. Generally I don't review figures but I can to the realization that this was a wave of figures I'd really been looking forward to so here are some of my thoughts:

Hoth Luke - It had been ages since we had a decent Hoth Luke and with the new Tauntaun it seemed like this figure couldn't come soon enough. Unfortunately this figure does not live up to the hype I'd created in my own head. The figure's shoulders are extremely pointy looking and spoil the joints and I can't decide if he looks worse with or without the scarf accessory. Without it his head looks tiny and he's missing the little flap that should hang down the side and with it, well, it's not a good fit and looks just as goofy. I think I'll have to resort to a head swap on this one.

CW Anakin - Surprisingly, this was another figure I suppose I'd been looking forward to for a while. Since I don't buy the animated series stuff I had always wanted them to make the characters in the realistic style and here was my first chance to get one. And on the whole it's not bad. The interesting trade-off here is the wrist articulation instead of ball jointed hips. That seems odd for a figure that has the soft goods skirt but it's not bad. What is bad is the head sculpt which doesn't look at all like the character. Hopefully and ROTS Anakin head will fit on the post, though the hair should be shorter to match the character design from the show.

Darth Vader - I know some people would be happy never to see another Darth Vader on the pegs and I would consider myself one of those people unless the figure offers something I haven't seen before and this Vader is one of those figures. I think the only Vaders we've seen recently that were supposed to have the ANH costume all had removable helmets and/or a wonky right hand that couldn't hang on to a lightsaber to save their lives. Not only does this figure correct these issues, it also adds the red-tinted lenses also seen on the ANH costume. For me this might be the best figure in the wave (as far as the figures I've been able to get my hands on).

I skiped Darth Malgus cause, I won't be playing the MMO KOTOR so I couldn't care less about that character and I wasn't able to get the Imperial Navy Commander but that's another re-make of a figure I'm looking forward to getting as I couldn't stand the knees on the TAC version.