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I think, overall, he looks fine. The shoulders are kind of bulky, but they don't bug me too much in person. I don't see his neck as being too long, though the scarf doesn't sit flush on him, but I dunno if that's neck-related. I'm at my apartment now so I can't check these things, but I wasn't really bothered by anything on him aesthetically, my frustration was all geared toward the lack of scarf options.
Well, the neck is almost double the length it should be, it can be covered up by moving the separate-piece collar up a little, but his head should be touching that collar and it's quite a ways off.

I just cued up the scenes on Hoth, when Luke is on the Tauntaun wearing this look it's for less than a minute, and then he pulls his goggles up (which are entirely missing from the second look) and talks into his wrist-comm, and that only lasts a moment, and then the Wampa knocks his scarf and goggles off his hat entirely leaving them to dangle off the side and back of the hat, so this figure is really limited, can't even look like Luke during or after the Wampa attack.

I don't know what the hell "blorpy" is supposed to mean, but yeah, sure. It doesn't really look much like Hayden, but none of the figures really do. It's a little longer than it should be - it reminds me somewhat of the Evolutions ROTS mold. It's pretty similar to photos, I guess, but I can live with it. They've only finally been able to start sculpting Luke well within the last couple of years, so I guess Anakin is still gonna be a while.
Generic and kinda doofy, not particularly heroic, a bit sickly. It doesn't help that the figure design looks like it has a potbelly from how high they designed the belt line and how the skirt poofs out.

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I got the Vader in this morning and he's pretty good. His neck feels a tiny bit too long to me and it's only a swivel joint, not a ball-joint. Otherwise, I think it's the best looking Darth Vader helmet sculpt to date. I like the sculpted torso better than the every increasingly caved-in chest the that we were getting on the Evolutions mold. They're still making the cape from see-through fabric, though, so I guess we can look forward to at least one more Vader update in the future. My figure has a tendency to lean to his left, almost like his left leg is shorter than his right. But since this is the "action" Vader, I'll just work that into whatever dynamic pose I put him in.
The helmet's neck looks long in pics, so thanks for the confirmation on that.

Yeah, that chiffon-like fabric they use for his cloak is really bothering me these days, it looks badly see-through and it's hard to get to sit flat as well. And then they try to match the sculpted robe on the chest to the very flat, porous cloth skirt, another one that bugs me.

I guess with all the posts on other forums about how this is one of the greatest Star Wars figures ever made, my expectations might have been too high. Although, I prefer to keep my expectations almost unrealistically high with figures like Vader, because I know that we are going to continue to get new versions of the character. For figures like Kithaba and TVC Evazan, that we will likely NEVER see resculpted for any reason (at least not for 10 years or more), then I tend to be more forgiving of flaws.
Hasbro jacks the pricing up over and over while talking about how these figures are supposed to be the "ultimate" versions that never need resculpting, so it's hard not to have high expectations for a while... then you realize how absolutely untrue their claims are, where even little stuff like bandana paint and Imperial logos gets done wrong, and eventually one becomes bitter and cautious about stuff like Vader where they've shown such a poor ability to evolve the design along the same pace as other figures, or even increase any quality in design one way or another at all from Vader to Vader. So every little surprise becomes a moment of "hey look, they finally got his helmet to look right, so where's the flaws?" And in this case it's:
- helmet is designed for ESB/ROTJ, not ANH;
- helmet neck is high;
- no way to attach saber to belt;
- cape is a step backwards with no chain;
- soft-goods skirt don't integrate at all with sculpted robe.

So it's really an area where one may want to be guarded.