Sandtroopers put up images of a Target-exclusive battle pack called Darth Maul Returns. It includes a new Darth Maul with post-"exorcism" cyborg legs, a repack of the hard-to-find armored Savage Opress figure, and an unnamed Nightsister who looks an awful lot like Mother Talzin, but has slightly different hangy downy things in her front and back.

The Maul figure says "First Appearance!" so I wonder if this is included in the 19 basic figures for the year. They should really get it out as much as possible, so probably.

I'd really like to know the story of the Nightsister figure and why it's unnamed. The differences between her design and the look of Talzin aren't that obvious. I remember Derryl saying they were going to make a Mighella in the realistic line before Talzin, so I wonder if they reused any parts from her for this figure. It doesn't look as animated as some of the other figures . . . it's very strange.

Savage doesn't have his lightsaber, which was only available with the armored version. That's too bad for people who didn't get him the first time. I would have preferred that his front left horn would have been modified to be broken, as it is on the show, but oh well.

This set raises a lot of questions, but it's still pretty damn cool.