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    G.I. JOE: RETALIATION-- now delayed until 2013!

    Not that I care about this film or anything, but I find it absolutely stunning that they pulled it so close to its release. I mean, the tie-in toy line is already starting to roll out and now there's nothing for it to be tied to! Really? 3-D? No one cares if it is in 3-D. That isn't going to make more people see it. The people who were going to see this are going to see it 3-D or otherwise.

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    I find it interesting that they've decided to delay the film after Battleship's pitiful opening weekend. I'm thinking the 3D thing is just an excuse to rework the movie to prevent it from being another big-budget flop.

    In any case, I hated Rise of Cobra so much that I really just want to see this entire GI Joe movie franchise fail.
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    Battleship didn't flop in its opening, it was soft but it came in at $25 mil which raised its global take to $240 mil, which is $30 mil over its original budget. So Battleship made its money back in a month or so, that's decent considering what it was. I do agree that its weak opening here in the US is probably what made them think they needed to take it to 3D for a moneygrab and distance itself from a shaky start.

    That said, Hasbro as a toymaker can afford to make this move right now, they have Battleship toys, Avengers toys, Amazing Spider-Man toys, Transformers Prime toys, those are all getting entertainment pushes during the summer, so if GI Joe has to roll out without a movie, it's not as bad a hit. I still think it's a monumental blunder to screw their retailers over like that though, and to waste all that money on toys for a movie coming out in 10 months instead of 1.
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    Except the retailers will HATE Joe for this. The line's been struggling for a few years due to heavy pegwarming from less exciting figures (Renegades Cobra Commander and Arctic Destro of late, mostly). They just got a ton of figures to push a movie that, surprisingly, was getting mostly good buzz. This is on the heels of the phenomenal failure of the ROC line overall; Walmart actually gave up on Joe for a while and some stores still won't carry them.

    Now, those figures are going to come out a full nine months before the movie with no media support (and there's that thing about retailers being taxed on items they have at the end of the year). They don't (for the most part) resemble any previous incarnation, so nostalgia won't be a factor. Plus, the MSRP has increased to $10, while the articulation has been cut out of an awful lot of figures and some are plagued with action features.

    It's popular to complain about "death of the line!" whenever a manufacturer does what we don't want, but this really could be it for Joe.

    To save it, they're going to have to do something drastic. I'm thinking let the Retaliation stuff roll, sell any that's left now to Ross, work on a better (and more movie-accurate) line for early next year with plenty of awesome new non-movie figures that collectors have been begging for (IDW Crystal Ball, anyone?), and haul @$$ to bust out a fill-in line of re-releases, repaints, and any canceled figures that made it to the production stage.
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    The stock tax thing isn't whatever they have at the end of the year, it's on any stock they've had for over a year, over 365 days.

    Yeah, the retailers might be annoyed at stocking a line without support, but on the other hand, they have existing shelves for GI Joe, so they won't be too upset as it's not going to be taking up any more real estate nor pushing out another line. Now, if they front-loaded product in order to do displays or special deals during the movie's release, that's where they'll really get mad, and rightfully so.

    Perhaps GI Joe needs a break if this is the way Hasbro is going to run it.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

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    Heading into theater #8 to see The Hunger Games today (love getting to see movies when they FIRST come out), there was a GIJ:R poster on display, with this year's release. Collector$' item? Should I a-stole'd it?
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