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Major Bludd is even less an "official" Cobra than Firefly (and "Bludd" is his last name). The name "Baroness" is her actual title. Dr. Mindbender takes his name from a play on his specialty and real name (Dr. Brian Bender).
Then who is high up in the organization that has a snake name and not 'Cobra Commander'? Those are all the ones I know, and none of them fit. Nothing from Serpentor on though, that's crap and you know it.

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I don't think Duke has to be dead. I think COBRA could have used Tarzan's Micro probes to decorate a body up like Duke.
We see the nanites leave Zartan's body when he dies, they don't save him. Also, we see the Joes lamenting Duke's death after the desert, they walk around collecting all the dog tags of their fallen comrades off of the bodies, they would have noticed if Duke's body wasn't there and they wouldn't be lamenting him but looking for him.