I finally got around to watching this. Not a bad movie, slow at times, but interesting.

As one of the few who liked the first movie, I had a few problems with its relationship with this one. I know the writers were trying to "eliminate" the existence of the first one, but you can't use parts of it, and then ignore others.
1. Not mentioning, even in passing, Heavy Duty, Scarlett, Ripcord, or General Hawk, was lazy, especially considering how important these characters are to the G.I. Joe universe.
2. The Duke and Baroness relationship. No mention, especially considering it was the main point of the first movie.
3. And speaking of Duke, I thought the whole reason it was delayed a year was to make Duke live? Didn't they go back and film new scenes with him? Is the only scene the one where he and Roadblock are playing video games? It seems to me, you can't have G.I. Joe, without Duke.

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Did anybody else think that Bruce Willis was Jinx's dad?
I never got the idea that he was her dad. She knew him her entire life, and enlisted because of him.