So the first look makes it seem less like Assassin's Creed, more like Uncharted, which is equally meh - platforming and chest high walls firing behind cover? Oh boy, how zzzz.

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Nah, JT, I think all the developers throwing out s****y games to jump on the motion gimmick with trash like Carnival Games flooded the market. The good games for the Wii are lacking in graphics, but are amazing when it comes to fun. (Yes, even Force Unleashed.) Based on what I've played, though, I could say the same about the Kinect. (Or was that Star Wars game not the pile of carp I heard it was?)
Sure Chux, whatever you say. I certainly haven't seen anything remotely like that on the Wii setups I've seen, it's all quite low-tech and imprecise and waggle and more frustrations than joys.