ok...so it's not Star Wars at all, so I hope you'll forgive me, but given that there are still some of the "old guard" around who might yet be interested in MM scale ships, I thought I'd post this.

Please forgive if this is cross-posted elsewhere here.

While scouring eBay for additions to my ship collections, I came across a relatively new line of ships from WizKids. The producers of Heroclix. They've released a line of Star Trek pieces that are almost perfect scale with the old Trek MM ships. They've even made the rather gutsy move of producing some molds that many of us clamoured for back in the day like the Nova class (Rhode Island and Equinox) and, the Saber class (Montgolfier and Yeager) and a variety of Klingon vessels.

So far I've only picked up the Nova class and Saber class listed above, but can in all honesty say they look fantastic! The paint apps are spot on (even if the mold for the Rhode Island isn't exactly right) and they're made from sturdier plastic than the MM ships.

I, for one, an overjoyed to see more tiny Trek ships coming in!

I do plan to post some comparison pics in the next couple of weeks when I receive some more ships in, but in the interim, here's a link to a review that includes some comparison shots you may find interesting.


The Wizkids site has a store locator so you can find dealers near you that they list as vendors they have already supplied. http://wizkidsgames.com/

Happy hunting all!

Ross W. Jarvis

Enjoy and happy hunting!